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Mom Hires Lawyer After Teacher Posts About Her Son on Facebook

Mom Hires Lawyer After Teacher Posts About Her Son on Facebook

A teacher at Manatee County School District in Bradenton, Florida has caused a controversy after posting an insulting remark about one of her 8-year-old students on Facebook. The teacher, who has not been identified, posted a status message stating: "I'm fairly convinced that one of my students may be the evolutionary link between orangutans and humans." A number of other teachers responded to the comment before the school registrar intervened.

"I send my child to school, trusting them to teach him, not to talk about him" said the boy's mom, Lisa Wade. "I'm disgusted with how they talked about my child. It hurts."

While the school district has issued an apology, no disciplinary action has been planned. As a result, Wade has hired an attorney. She wants somebody to be held accountable.  


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How would you react if your child's teacher made fun of him publicly?

Image Source: Paul Mueller, Reporter

ErnaZiegelmeier ErnaZiegelmeier 4 years
I own a school and teach 6 year olds and my daughter is 9...if any of my staff ever did something like this...i would fire them immediately....if a teacher did this to my child....there would be serious results to be faced by the school....if teachers cannot be trusted to have integrity....what are they teaching our children....a person that does not behave appropriately in public should not be a teacher.....facebook is public domain...and to shame a child in public is one of the worst human flaws ever.....and the comments she made where hectic....not something as simple as....he's naughty or spoilt....these comments where beyond nasty....
BevMors BevMors 4 years
That teacher's name and picture should be posted everywhere possible.
RenataGoencz RenataGoencz 4 years
If the teacher had the balls to post something like that about an 8 year old, what does she do if she learns that other kids are bullying this same child? Does she turn a blind eye? Or does she do the right thing? She's already proven that she does not do the right thing, her coworkers thought it was bad enough that they commented. I wonder what this teacher doesn't post on Facebook, like what does she tell her friends, other teachers, and heaven forbid other students!! Teachers are there to teach no to judge a teen idol contest. All that needs to happen is a savvy 8 year old to find her teacher on Facebook and read the horrible post. And from that simple action a whole life of misery could befall this young boy. What was this teacher thinking? With all the anti-bullying campaigns, and legislation today, teachers should be on the lookout for this type of behaviour in their students. They should mentor positive behaviour that is inclusive of everyone.
AndreaRonnell60283 AndreaRonnell60283 5 years
Wow. I am blown away by the Mom's on here calling the Mom Ridiculous. The Teacher is Ridiculous. That level of immaturity on the teacher's behalf is crazy. This teacher is supposed to be an educator and this kid is 8 years old! I can't believe an adult would speak that way about an 8 year old kid. Honestly it would be real hard for me to just sue if this had happened to my son. I can't even imagine what I would do if I were in this Mother's shoes. We shouldn't have to protect our kids from the people we trust them with at school. Whats worse is other teachers "liking" the comment and commenting on it back. Sometimes I really wonder if we shouldn't be way more strict about the kind of people we have teaching our kids. Reading this story made me sick to my stomach. How could a teacher say something like this about a small child. These kinds of stories makes me want to cough up the money to put my son in private school. This teacher should be put on suspension. The school makes such strict rules on bullying now that I find it hard to believe this teacher should keep her job. So if we tell our kids there is a 0 tolerance policy on harassment and bullying then we allow this woman to keep her job, that is a double standard. The teacher knew better! Ugh. I feel horrible for this Mother and child. There is no excuse for what happened here. That teacher should be held accountable.
AshleighWashington85900 AshleighWashington85900 5 years
The same people on this thread that are saying she had no case because there is no name mentionEd obviously can't read themselves. While there is no name there is also no mention of a law simply says she wants someone held accountable. That could mean termination our public apology. Maybe you guys are the ones that are money hungry for your mind to go there automatically.
AngelaSoper48474 AngelaSoper48474 5 years
OMG. What a ridiculous woman this mother is! I see nothing wrong with this teacher's post. It OBVIOUSLY was meant as a joke, she was probably blowing off steam AND no name was mentioned so how can this money-hungry mom POSSIBLY know it was about her kid? Good grief!
AmandaHout AmandaHout 5 years
wow this woman is an educator? seems to me she is on the same level as the students she's "teaching" or maybe not even that intelligent! to all of you who are supporting this, you are just as ignorant! children have enough "jerks" to deal with, without adding to the list those who are suppose to help keep them safe from comments like this! it is irrelevant whether she used the child's name in her post, to talk of any of her students in this way is total immaturity! also irrelevant, that teachers put up with a bunch of crap, blah, blah , blah..yeah they do, but it's obvious that this poor excuse for an educator is not in any emotional state to be in a class room if she can't contain herself any better then this! stop blaming children people, this woman is suppose to be an adult! i couldn't blame this mother if she took it to extremes, after all along with the many roles of a parent it is our responsibility to defend our children! I work in health care and do I like all that I see and, but do I display it on FB? I see people at their worst, and believe me we put up with alot (and not from children...adults) but it's still not posted! total believer is parents parenting, but also in teachers teaching (not humiliating)
EllynWheeless EllynWheeless 5 years
Teachers have it much harder these days, Kids not able to focus not trained to behave in public, School boards expecting children to learn more and more each year at a younger age. When do they get to be kids ..... Their stress levels are thru the roof but on the other hand how did the mom know it was her son the teacher spoke about. Though unprofessional to speak of any of her students by name on fb why does ths mom have the teacher as a friend on FB anyway, and unless she used his name she could have been talking about any one of her students .
JolynnFarr JolynnFarr 5 years
Edna Boyce who made the first comment is an idiot...let me say that first. If it were my kid I'd be after some retribution too...but I would probably be in jail already, because if a teacher publicly ridiculed my child in the social media...I would totally wipe the floor with her face in front of her class and let her see how it feels to be kids would know I would defend them at any cost, including serving a little time in jail if necessary. Someone needs to kick that lady's ass and teach her a lesson much more long lasting that a swat on the wrist, which it doesn't sound like to me she'll even get that. So you may disagree with my opinion, just like I think the first poster is a total moron...somebody should kick her ass too. I don't mess around with political bull crap. Let's just go straight to the source and pound some reality into her head.
LisaDunn94236 LisaDunn94236 5 years
Did the teacher mention the child's full name in her post?
EdnaBoyce EdnaBoyce 5 years
Mom is just after money , If she had worked with the teacher to fix the problems the teacher is talking about , her child would have been a lot better off. Again she just sees dollar signs. I would suspect she could care less about the child ,
aprilallison aprilallison 5 years
I agree that if you don't know specifically who the teacher is talking about then relax.In this day and age it is hard that we need to censure everything so much. I may not like everything someone says on facebook etc but the reality is this is the way life has become. People are so ready to blame people. Should you sue your friend for making a comment he or she writes??? Should you sue your doctor because he makes a stupid comment? No is the answer. If the person says little "Michael" is a real $%%^ then talk to them. And try and resolve the matter. We all have opinions tho.
YvonneBamber YvonneBamber 5 years
I agree with Julie Austin - commented on Jul 10, 2012 How do you know she was talking about your child? I never saw any names. I also didnt see any child named. Though it is unprofessional to discuss a child in your care (publically) How many parents have said worse things about their own children? .. and its possible the teacher was talking about the childs' behaviour .. shame that teachers now not only have to educate children following strict guidelines, they also come across children who have to be taught how to behave because some parents/carers, cant or wont teach them .. give the teacher a break, tell her not to do it again & move on.
CarolMiller22554 CarolMiller22554 5 years
I think she no more intelligent than he is...and need to go back to school and further her education so she can develop better coping skills for all children who come to her to learn...he has only learned how to insult when all else seem to fail...the fault lies in her skills not the student...he only eight and yet learning...he the future of our tomorrow and what we teach them as children they will carry it into adulthood...she has this child with her all day teaching him more than academics children pattern themselves by what they see...he see her when she do wrong and learn from her as well...
BarbaraLambert17333 BarbaraLambert17333 5 years
I thought teachers were not suppose to talk about their students unless it was in regard to some learning disability. That disibility was only to be discussed with others that are involved with that child. For this teacher to discuss it with others on facebook is very unprofessional and needs to be dealt with by the school board. The last thing an 8 year old or any child needs is to have someone they trust to be making fun of them. Shame on the teacher.
CortneyHein CortneyHein 5 years
That teacher should be fired. If she is the type of person that would say something like that about one of her students she should not be allowed to be in a position of authority over kids. Furthermore, if she is stupid enough to think its appropriate to post something like that on facebook then she isn't smart enough to be educating anybody.
AnnKlamik AnnKlamik 5 years
As a previous teacher, I found it unprofessional to hear teachers make fun of their students in the (limited) privacy of the teacher's lounge. In my opinion, venting should never be at the expense of "a child". If the comment was about behavior, and voiced privately to another person, one might give benefit of the doubt and consider it light and humorous. But in this case, the comment was PUBLIC. What kind of person gets entertainment from belittling a child?? I feel sorry for the mother who wants to protect her child. It's unfortunate that she was put into this position by a teacher who claims to value the child's interests while humiliating him. Retraining has been recommended, but maybe the teacher also needs a better understanding of the public aspect of Facebook.
karenmcardle karenmcardle 5 years
The teacher should b sacked :-) silly teacher shouldnt b talkin about the kids she teaches on facebook
MelanieErasmus MelanieErasmus 5 years
as a teacher myself i feel both for the parent and teacher. The learners say they have rights but us as teacher do not even have a basic human right to be respected and treated with dignity. I am pretty sure this statement was made , because all else failed. the teacher did all she could to assist this learner but there was no accepting. it is a common law give and take you cannot only take and not give anything back. This learner and his parents did possibly not work with the teacher. i agree with other comments stating that parents should take responsibility for there childrens behaviour. they raised them and we only have to guide and develop them to teach then right from wrong or basic manners.... really
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