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Mom Humiliated in Court Over Public Breastfeeding

Mom Humiliated in Court Over Public Breastfeeding

When mom Natalie Hegedus brought her 5-month-old son with her to court to address a boating ticket she'd received, she had to wait for two hours to see the judge and needed to feed her son while she waited. But even though she used a cover, and only brought her son with her because he was too ill for daycare, the judge reprimanded her publicly, deeming her breastfeeding "inappropriate." According to the court transcript, when she pointed out that it was legal for her to breastfeed in public, he told her, "My court, my law."

Hegedus said she had "never felt so humiliated."  

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Does a judge have the right to prohibit breastfeeding in his courtroom? 

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NatalieHathaway NatalieHathaway 5 years
I'd like to add that many woman are less covered in everyday clothing or swimwear than when they nurse their child. No one seems to have an issue with that. I know after nursing 5 of my own there were times I would be feeding one of them and a stranger would come up to look at my baby and not even know til they were already invading my space what my child was doing! Bf can be done discreetly, and without even having to bundle up. I usually just pulled my shirt from the bottom so it rested just above my child's face. Barely if any skin even showed! I hear law suit over this. People need to learn that breast is best... Do what is best now and save on health costs for both mother and child down the road.
TinaYeagley TinaYeagley 5 years
Everyone who is saying "She should have pumped" has obviously never struggled with a baby who won't take a bottle. I breast-fed all 5 of my kids, and not one of them would drink from a bottle no matter how much I tried to get them to. Just the other day my husband was trying to give my 2 month old a bottle of my milk, which took me 30 minutes to pump, and he refused it. We are all moms on here, we should be supporting each others choices, not saying "she should have done this.."
CoMMember13630002390622 CoMMember13630002390622 5 years
Reading the responses, many said that it was inappropriate and the mother should have brought a bottle. I'm just wondering how it is inappropriate when she was covered up and no one could see anything? And I breastfed all five of my children and trust me when I say, that 4 out of the 5 were not accustomed to a bottle and refused it. Imagine a poor infant screaming because he/she is hungry. Do you think that baby cares you people have some whacked phobia? and America is still holding the stance that it is somehow sexual and inappropriate. What a bunch of narrow minded prudes.
CoMMember13630002390622 CoMMember13630002390622 5 years
No. A judge does not have the right to keep a child from being fed. The idea that it is his courtroom, his law proves that he has little respect for the laws already on the books. He is in a public place as one serving the public and must adhere to the laws for which he should uphold. Shame on him!
ReandaMitchell ReandaMitchell 5 years
I hear this kind of thing all the time, for some reason people get very offended when you breastfeed your child in public. Somebody needs to explain to me how feeding my child is inappropriate, seriously I don't get it. It's not like she was walking around naked flashing her boobs to anyone passing by for crying out loud!
MichelleMiletello MichelleMiletello 5 years
I don't agree with how the judge did it, but it would've been more appropriate if mom went prepared with a bottle of her milk, etc. One can never count on going to court quickly. I'm a mom, I breastfed, but I'm not a fan of breastfeeding publicly, especially when women don't cover up...I don't care how "beautiful" one says it is!
ShawnakayDavis ShawnakayDavis 5 years
breastfeeding in public ,,nothing is wrong with that and there is a lwa that backs it.I would have sued that judge,the breastfeeding act protects all of us breastfeeding mothers.its not right to discriminate against breastfeeding
KristinaHowden KristinaHowden 5 years
My child never took a bottle, and wouldn't let anyone feed her the bottle. There may be others out there, it is convenient, it doesn't cost money, you don't have to store it because it is ready made and that's what it is meant for. In this world mother's are inconvenienced because of foolish selfish thoughtless minds. A mother should not be looked down upon when she is nurturing her child with nutrients and bonding time. Take away a benefit from a child, and you cannot give it back. There are far more pros to breastfeeding then cons, and it should be smiled upon that the mother chose to do what is best if the child and mother can handle it. Some babies cannot breastfeed, some parents choose not to breastfeed. For those that can and do, they should be praised not punished.
JenniferStewart44012 JenniferStewart44012 5 years
I am sorry to say, there would not be any people on this planet if it weren't for breastfeeding. THATS WHAT THE DAMN THINGS ARE FOR! Not for his/her pleasure, for a baby. That is why men do not have breasts! My God. Yes this should be national attention, people need to know that breast milk is supplied to Mother's for nurishment of infants. The way the economy is and you want me to go buy bottles AND formula AND nursery water to feed my child when nature has already provided it? Insane! Do you drink milk? That milk came from the teat of an animal. And you have the gauled to tell me that my milk in inappropriate! That judge should not have made an issue of it.
TyraTaff TyraTaff 5 years
Hope la leche league grabs hold of this and stages one of those breast feeding sit ins. A judge can control his/her courtroom but that's when people are being disruptive. She was within her legal rights and he was way out of line. Quietly nursing a baby is hardly disruptive. I'm not a litigious person but in this case, for the sake of presidence, she should consult an attorney...
LeighStephen LeighStephen 5 years
Those who solely breastfeed don't have bottles, unlike those who choose not to or cannot breastfeed who have these items and routinely steralise and fill with formula - each to their own who are we to judge, just remember that nature intended us to breastfeed we are mammals after all. Should the real question be who is this judge who thinks he is above the law and can make up his own? He should be ashamed of his attitude regarding both!
LauraAndrews73316 LauraAndrews73316 5 years
Bringing a bottle of milk may have been ideal but maybe she wasn't expecting the 2 hour wait or couldn't express. I cannot get my head around why this was an issue for him. A hungry baby was fed. simple.
TracyBall TracyBall 5 years
The judge made her wait, and then has the stones to reprimand her for caring for her child? Maybe she should have asked the judge to wait on her! The judge could have taken a 15 minute recess and allowed the woman time to finish providing nutrition for her child. His court, his laws? The courts belong to the people, judges are just there to oversee the application of the law. The woman has the right to formally request a judicial review of the judge's behaviour and request a formal apology. Any lawyers out there want to pony up and take this case?
AdrianaHernandez25269 AdrianaHernandez25269 5 years
to sum it up, what an a**
SharonLetchford SharonLetchford 5 years
It's times like this I'm glad I live in Australia. That judge would be on the other side of the bench over here and rightly so. Note to those saying she should have pumped: get over yourselves! Breasts are for feeding babies, whenever, and whereever the baby needs feeding. (Otherwise I would not have spent years of my life getting up in the middle of the night to feed)
EvaBrittMyers EvaBrittMyers 5 years
Reading this makes you think we are living in the fifty's. It is the most natural thing. The judge was way out of hand.
EstherVos EstherVos 5 years
Totally appauling action from this judge! Get into the 21st century! The reasons were legitmate to have the infant in the court. Could Ms Hegedus have known that she would have to wait so long? And no, she should NOT have brought in expressed milk in a bottle!
KristynReeds KristynReeds 5 years
that's just terrible, I'm sure his wife would have had something to say to him, thats if he has one that would put up with his demeaning outrageous behaviour
TrishK46947 TrishK46947 5 years
I want to go to his court room and breast feed without a cover!! I think it's disgusting that he would even think he was entitled to say anything about it
SaraDeKam SaraDeKam 5 years
AngieMuston AngieMuston 5 years
Actually, aren't they ARE courts and the judge had no right to break the law. I hope she sues him!!
KayS1845 KayS1845 5 years
To everyone suggesting she should have brought a bottle--some women choose not to use a bottle at all. Should she have to compromise her beliefs, especially in a situation where her right to nurse her child is legally protected? I think the judge was out of line. Of course, that is based solely on this version of events, and as they say, there are always two sides to every story.
BernadetteFinzel BernadetteFinzel 5 years
That should have read, at least 100 breastfeeding moms need to come into his courtroom and feed their babies all at once.
BernadetteFinzel BernadetteFinzel 5 years
OK, at least 100 breastfeeding moms need to his court room and feed their babies all at once.
PennyHartman PennyHartman 5 years
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