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Backseat bickering bugs just about every mother, but when a Manhattan lawyer had enough of her quarreling daughters, she kicked them out of the car and drove off. Madlyn Primoff, 45, dropped her tweens in a shopping district three miles from their home on Sunday night and has since pleaded not guilty to child endangerment.

One report said:

Police would not say if Primoff ever returned to look for the girls, but they said, without explaining how, that the 12-year-old eventually caught up with the mother. The 10-year-old was found by a "Good Samaritan" on the street, upset and emotional about losing her mother, police said.

The girl gave police her mother's name and their address in well-to-do Scarsdale, and they asked Scarsdale police to check Primoff's $2 million house. Shortly afterward, Primoff called Scarsdale police from home to say the 10-year-old was missing, said Scarsdale Detective Lt. Bryant Clark.

Do you sympathize with Primoff for trying to end the car quarrel or do you believe she should be charged?

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sundrops sundrops 8 years
*it is* in the middle of a downtown area, rather.
sundrops sundrops 8 years
Three miles is a LONG walk. I don't believe the police would've arrested her if it was a nice leisurely neighborhood walk, they must've been in some kind of danger. Actually, if you look at the area where she dropped them off at Post Road and South Broadway in Scarsdale, New York, in the middle of a downtown type area. You can look it up on Google street view. That doesn't look like a good situation for ANY 12 or 10 year old. Especially if they are fighting and likely to leave each other alone. I have an almost ten year old and no way would I let him walk in ANY part of my town (and I live in family friendly Austin) for three miles with a twelve year old or by himself!! Obviously she wasn't concerned about where they might end up when she did it if she called shortly after to say the child was missing. This woman needs some anger management classes.
HACB HACB 8 years
I agree with MartiniLush.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 8 years
I can understand her frustration, but when you are that need to take a breath. She should have stopped the car and gotten out on her own to just decompress. Maybe walk around the outside of the car a few times, calm down herself and then get back in the car to deal with the situation. I bet her just parking the car and getting out by herself would have shocked her kids into shutting up! What she did was so dangerous for those girls, what if something awful had happened to them? She is so lucky that they are both safe! I am not sure about her being arrested and charged, I think she more likely needs some parenting classes and stress management classes!
medenginer medenginer 8 years
What she did is wrong to put her daughters life's in danger. They could have gotten horrific crimes done to them. Every parent has felt frustration but you can't parent anyway you choose. She should have stopped the car to handle it then or waited until they got home.
kikidawn kikidawn 8 years
Yes, she went too far.
jessie jessie 8 years
i've never used that one...only "don't make me stop this car". :rotfl:. i can totally understand how she could of had enough, but to drive off..thats a little to much
kty kty 8 years
wow...a 10year old?she went a little too far.she's the parent she should be able to make them be quiet instead of using that harsh method to punish them
plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 8 years
Tweens I'm assuming means 11 and 12 year olds. AND she dropped them off 3 miles from home, an easily walkable distance. AND they had each other. Of course she shouldn't be charged. That's stupid.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
this was an episode of desperate housewives :rotfl: mom took it too far for real life. i'm sure she regrets it now. hopefully this all get resolved and the family can resolve their differences more effectively.
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