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Mom Lets Strangers Name Her Baby For $5000

Mom-to-Be Sells Rights to Name Her Baby

Having a baby can be pricey, but would you go so far as to sell the right to name your baby in order to help with expenses?

As the winner of Baby Ballot's National "Belly Branding" Contest, Los Angeles mom-to-be Natasha Hill will receive $5,000 for allowing strangers around the world decide the name of her baby.

Baby Ballot will create a list of baby names based on what's trending and their sponsored advertisers, then post the final list of names online on March 18. Users worldwide will be able to choose one girl name and one boy name each from the list of names provided until March 22 when voting closes. The name with the most votes for each gender will be the name of Natasha's future boy or girl.

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Would you let someone else decide your baby's name?

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dannicahoskison dannicahoskison 4 years
If you can't afford to name your own child, you have way more issues than $5,000 can fix
KristalStollings KristalStollings 4 years
I don't think there should be ANY negative comments here. This mom is doing NOTHING WRONG by allowing someone else name her baby. Parents do it everyday, let family and friends name their baby, so why is this mom different from others?? Because she's smart enough to get money (in an economy that forces us to find money where we hadn't had it before) from it?? You are all outraged for what reason?? Because you think it's not right?? Look at your lives... I guarantee you lives ain't perfect and I hate to tell all you "so-called" moms out there, but REAL moms and dads do what they can to provide for their babies. If I was poor and my baby was sick, I would DO ABOUT ANYTHING to keep my baby safe and fed and sick free. So, for all you IDIOTS who say this mom should lose her baby for allowing someone to name her baby, GROW UP. This mom is IN NO WAY hurting or abusing her baby. So, grow up and stop being a damn bully!
JessDallasNolet JessDallasNolet 4 years
this is just dumb....A. no one cares what you're babies name is going to be, regardless of WHO names her/him and B. people are greedy these days and will ANYTHING for money, why not just put your baby one the black market if you really want money....sounds like you've already given up your right to name the child let alone possibly give two shits about her/him
CindyLaidlaw CindyLaidlaw 4 years
What on earth could be wrong with this?! That baby will grow up knowing that tons of people cared enough to come up with a good name. And, the knowledge that her mom/parents cared enough to let them and have a bit of money to welcome hom/her into this world. And, it does not have to be a first name or the name she/he goes by. I am sure the name chosen in the end will be a fine name. Especially when it is added to the one the parents add it to.
Michelle8101322 Michelle8101322 4 years
This morning, they announced on the Today show that it was all a scam set up by her and the radio station. That makes me respect her even less.
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 4 years
I don't care. Kudos to her for making some money. Most babies have boring, lame, over done, and non unique names anyways. At least something good came from is child getting yet another likely boring name. XD
ElizabethStarr95173 ElizabethStarr95173 4 years
I've heard everything now! My rights to name my baby's will always be mine and my husband's..People have become way to greedy
terristephan terristephan 4 years
Take the child away from this "Mom"....please..So sad that this is what some people have stooped to.....
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