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Mom's Letter About Stretch Marks

Mom Has a Message For the Men Who Mocked Her Stretch Marks

Tanis Jex-Blake was hoping to enjoy a day of sun, sand, and surf with her family. But instead, the Canadian mother of five endured a lot of pain (and we're not talking about sunburn). While sunbathing in her bikini, something she hasn't done since giving birth to her first child 13 years ago, Blake overheard a group of people commenting on her stretch-mark-covered stomach.

"All of a sudden I heard, 'Oh my god, look at that, that's f*cking nasty, that's disgusting, look how gross that is,'" she tells a local news network.

After a tear-filled drive home, Blake took to Facebook to share her feelings on that day's events. Along with a photo of her postbaby tummy, she posted the following message:


"I'm sorry if my first attempt at sun tanning in a bikini in public in 13 years "grossed you out." I'm sorry that my stomach isn't flat and tight. I'm sorry that my belly is covered in stretch marks. I'm NOT sorry that my body has housed, grown, protected, birthed and nurtured FIVE fabulous, healthy, intelligent and wonderful human beings. I'm sorry if my 33-year-old, 125 lb. body offended you so much that you felt that pointing, laughing, and pretending to kick me. But I'll have you know that as I looked at your "perfect" young bodies, I could only think to myself, "what great and amazing feat has YOUR body done?" I'll also have you know that I held my head high, unflinching as you mocked me, pretending that what you said and did had no effect on me; but I cried in the car on the drive home. Thanks for ruining my day. It's people like you who make this world an ugly hateful place. I can't help but feel sorry for the women who will one day bear your children and become "gross" in your eyes as their bodies change during the miraculous process of pregnancy. I can only hope that one day you'll realize that my battle scars are something to be proud of, not ashamed of."

Though the three recipients of the letter may not have read it, plenty of others have. More than 6,500 people have shared Blake's message and almost 10,000 have "liked" it since it was posted. Blake hopes her words will change the way women and society view stretch marks.

"I hope more moms feel confident about the way their bodies look after bearing children," she tells Huffington Post. "These aren't scars to be ashamed of. They are our badges of honor, and we should wear them with pride."

From now on, we will.

Source: Facebook user Tanis Jex-Blake

Join The Conversation
jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

are you kidding ? walking with a sink hole in her belly button and three spare tires is not being too wise..btw that photo had to be photoshopped

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

you hit the nail on the head erica..

MelWoods23923 MelWoods23923 2 years

Bullies are always reflecting their own insecurities and issues.
Don't let their issues, become yours.

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

terri if your body is amazing send your photos into sports illastrated swim suit mag

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

right rick and who made you gate keeper of the site?

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

hey lucky maria again its a matter of culture,and mid east law among the muslims for years..dont think you would be able to wear a bikni in those countries...a woman has no rights there ..this is not canada.

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

Not a privlidge more than an option..if you have it flaunt it..if your a lard a***s its not a privlidge more than asking to be mocked more by females than males for men will not even stare at the person thats in la la land thinking she is norma desmond

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

a one piece full figure would be better.

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

Marie...If you take a good look at that photoshopped pic you will notice how absurd it looks...Its about putting up a topic and opinions..this pic is not that of a 33 yr old woman..Her tummy aka belly button looks like a sink hole in the street..iAs well as who ever this girl is not 125 lb..with those is nice to admire but comeon look again..the topic is fine but the pic is one in their right mind would consider the pic valad...Just dont match up

The-Momsson1398047858 The-Momsson1398047858 2 years

Lets apply some logic to this discussion......
This over a bikini that a few people didn't like? Peoples feeling can be smashed by that? Get some self esteem please. We tell our kids to do it, now act it out. No, I don't think what they said was nice, but be realistic. People are not going to think that is the most beautiful thing to see, regardless of your point of view. Either wear it and ignore them, or cover it up so you don't have to hear about it.

mikki1362409738 mikki1362409738 2 years

Just saying, if she had wore a nice two piece she would not have had to cry on the way home. Anyway you look at it, a bikini just does not look good on everyone. Why wouldn't you want to wear what makes you look good? I don't believe she felt it complimented her body because if she did, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Maybe you should get some perspective about how to have pride in yourself instead of feeling humiliated.

MarieNiu MarieNiu 2 years

Sorry but you cant change mean little minded people. As a mom of 4 and a grandma of 5 I came to realize mean people will talk and they have been talking before my time. Remember you were made perfect in our Heavenly Fathers eyes and you were given a wonderful gift of having a child. Try to picture those mean people as little children saying things that don't realize how much it hurts. Because if you think about it, its true LOL
this world has many ugly people. Hopefully you can teach our children not to be as ugly, and pray for the mean and ugly people out there. Most of all you have a gift of having a child many would die for. So be proud and when you hear something neg turn it around to a pos easier said then done. But in time you will see love yourself your little family does as our Father does.

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

A higher power performed miracles blessed..for that..

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

inwhat i was implying and was deleated is i have been in the mid east ..a female cannot go out with out a burka..forget bikinis on beaches or thankfull for the country we live in..nuff on this

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

your right...overly photoshopped pic..that torso is not `125 lbs..unfair to the one who sent in her story

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

if a woman wants to flaunt ,she has to deal with the mean spirited people around her

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

rick we are talking different cultures and customs .wise up

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

hey courtnie not trolling for its an open site to express opinions...

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

on the money meg..a full body swim suit would be more have stretch marks as well

jackturso1404047011 jackturso1404047011 2 years

its the females right to wear what she wants too..looking at the above photo is either photo shopped or real..the belly button is like a sink hole if its hers.i would expect to hear comments as well and from other females ,,ones choice

CoMMember13613799351904 CoMMember13613799351904 2 years

And or she or he can wear nothing at all! It is all perspective from onlookers and the victim. If she is comfortable in a 2 piece that is wonderful! Although, if your concerned about others destroying your self esteem because of it, she should consider something else. I agree with the poster- her mommie belly is beautiful and there ae better things to be concerned with. But Ms poster, please consider that when your letting your feeings get hurt because your showing your scars in public.

DeanaMarzolfKonesky DeanaMarzolfKonesky 2 years

Oh I think anyone CAN wear one if they want. Maybe she felt it did compliment her body. It's all perspective. Get some!

DeanaMarzolfKonesky DeanaMarzolfKonesky 2 years

Should you wear a bag over your head if you have acne or if your ugly? Shame, shame! Stick with sewing

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