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Mom Lists Kids Toys on eBay

Frustrated Mom Lists Kids' Toys on eBay With Tear-Filled Photo

I've never found a mom that has not become overwhelmed with her lil ones' toys. When a toy train catapults across the room, or a set of markers makes their way onto the sofa, walls, and floor, mama often has to take drastic measures. Some put the toys (as well as the child) in time out. Some immediately move the offending toy into the giveaway pile. Still others find a way to sneak the toys into the trash when unsuspecting tots are asleep.

For one mama, the answer was eBay. After her sons converted their bathtub into a Beyblade arena, and the metal tops had destroyed the vessel, the frustrated mom posted a tear-filled photo of her kids holding their toys on the auction site, and offered up the items to the highest bidder. The action may be extreme, but the sentiments are shared by many parents. Have your tykes' toys ever driven you to the edge?

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