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Exhausted Mom of 3 Needs All Moms to Know They're "Perfect" — However They Parent

Leslie Means is a mom of three who knows a thing or two about being exhausted while fielding unsolicited parenting voice from literally everyone she knows (and doesn't know). Because she's totally aware of how it feels as a mom to wonder if you're doing a good enough job raising your children, Leslie penned a heartfelt message to other exhausted parents to let them know that whatever they're doing is, quite frankly, perfect.

"Dear sweet exhausted Mama, I NEED you to hear me. I NEED you to understand something," Leslie started in a post to her blog's Facebook page, Her View From Home. "Whatever you are doing for that precious baby is exactly right. Do you understand me? What YOU ARE DOING IS RIGHT."

She continued, asking other moms to promise her that they won't let the advice of their parents, friends, siblings, neighbors — or anyone, for that matter — affect how they parent their baby. Attached to the letter, Leslie featured a photo of her pumped breast milk and explained that there's more milk in the right bottle than the left because she's always produced less on her left side. Because of that, she's had to supplement all three of her kids' diets with formula. She says her youngest, a 5-month-old son, is doing great, as are his older sisters, and as is Leslie herself, who drank "powdered milk" when she was a baby in 1981. She wrote:

I share this with you because I want you to believe in yourself. I WANT you to know that what you're doing is perfectly right. Listen. You love your baby, right? You're doing everything in your power to give him/her the best possible life, aren't you? Great. Then you're perfect. Do you hear me? Do you REALLY hear me? Mama – YOU ARE PERFECT.

Even if you . . .

Homeschool your babies
Send your kids to public school
Let your kid get a phone at age 7
Make your kid wait until he/she is 13 for a phone, or make-up, or earrings, or to play sports
Let your kid eat Cheetos every day . . .

I think you get it.

Before signing off her letter as "a tired mama of three, just doing her best to love her babies," Leslie left her readers with an important parting statement: "Don't listen to what everyone else has to say. Listen to your instincts. God gave them to mothers for a reason. Trust in that. Believe in that. And know that you are raising your babies perfectly."

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