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Mom Ordered to Stop Breastfeeding

Judge Orders Mother to Stop Breastfeeding

No mother wants to be told how to raise her child, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. So when Jessica Moser was forced to move her baby to the bottle, she was obviously upset. A judge ordered the Pennsylvania mother to stop breastfeeding so the father can have overnight visits with their child. If Moser does not abide, she risks losing custody of her 10-month-old daughter, Jasmine, who refuses to drink from a bottle.

To see what Moser has to say about the judge's ruling, visit The Huffington Post.

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meganlockerbie1385185063 meganlockerbie1385185063 3 years
first of all my two year old was breast fed up to a year ago and untl then he would not take the bottle ever tho i tried lol secound i too would protect my child however accusing the father of being a pedophile is a bit much.. and lastly if the said father truly cared about his dughters well bing he would not have pushed for tbe mom to quit breastfeeding exspecialy when its the best thing for her.
AndreaZimmer AndreaZimmer 3 years
Over nights visits are not allowed until the child is 3 years old here in TX, and really that's what age it should be. As far as the BF thing, the mother could have started right away with using the bottle as well, BF means the child only gets breast milk, not that they can only eat when attached to the boob.
CoMMember1361171100333 CoMMember1361171100333 3 years
Excuse me but I was in exactly this situation. Purely BF babies do not take bottles. Period. I had expressed milk pumped after BFeeds every feed for 3 whole weeks straight to get enough milk, fresh and frozen, for one full day that I knew I would be in court against the ex over divorce and custody issues. She was 10ms old. He was asking for overnight visits too. Guess what? My sister who was babysitting for me, called me at lunchtime, to tell me SHE COULDNT GET HER TOO DRINK ANY EXPRESSED MILK FRESH OR FROZEN AT ALL. I told her to bring her to me at court straight away. Well. SHE WAS HYSTERICAL, PALLOR AND STARVING !!! Even after I fed her, she was still crying. My lawyer and ex and his lawyer, even the other people in the waiting room, all witness this. His overnight access was denied. Sorry people, but purely BF babies just don't pick up the bottle like you think they do. You can't just think it happens magically. It takes time. Like 10-12mths time to get from pureBF to pure sippy cup, sometimes longer. Oh and by the way, overnight access visits should not occur until the child is at least 3 yrs of age at least. Try taking your child away from its mother. Go on, just wrench it away without food water and comfort. Think that's bad for a bottle fed baby, triple it for a BF baby. Cos that's what they are, BABIES !!!
TaraSimpson13546 TaraSimpson13546 3 years
There is no reason why she can't pump enough to bottle breast milk for the overnight. Telling her to stop is wrong but for her to refuse overnights is absurd.
Nakia97636 Nakia97636 3 years
Who's to say dad was the reason that this is no longer a family.....assuming much. 2nd accusing him of molestation, are you serious!!!!!! Selfish enough to ruin the bon between baby and mom, why doesn't dad deserve the same ability to bond with his daughter? I can't believe someone the comments on here. True, the judge should not order her to stop, find a compromise.
Nakia97636 Nakia97636 3 years
If a baby is hungry enough they will drink from a bottle. Mom should pump enough milk and freeze it so that way when the baby is with dad she is still getting breast milk. Problem solved. While breastfeeding provides amazing things for a child there is nothing wrong with formula. Dad should be able to have as much access to his child as the law allows.
Melissa19893 Melissa19893 3 years
This is rediculous! When he has her he can bottle feed her. When she has her she can breast feed. Breast fed babies are suplemented with formula all the time. The judge has NO authority to tell her to stop breastfeeding!! I really hope the breastfeeding advocasy groups get in on this one!
Lynn15075712 Lynn15075712 3 years
Get real. It's not a health issue to stop breast feeding. The child is 10 months old. How long does the dad have to wait for him to have a closer relationship with his child. What will be the mothers next excuse. I breat fed all three of my kids so I'm not against breast feeding. Get a pump and get over it!!!!!
ShiL1381889230 ShiL1381889230 3 years
Ridiculous.. how can the father's interest preceeded e baby's? Selfish dad..
Hillary558 Hillary558 3 years
This problem is getting worse and worse with visitation rights. It is no longer about the child, but only about the rights of the parents and making sure everyone has equal visitation. It's absurd. I agree that this father is a jerk to keep the baby overnight at this age. It is not healthy. He's probably just doing it to try to pay less in child support. She should try to get a doctor's note stating that the baby can't drink formula for health reasons. Or she should try to see if there is some kind of free legal service that can help in her situation. WHERE IS GLORIA ALRED WHEN WE NEED HER!! Oh that's right, she sold her soul! She does reality T.V now and only takes high profile cases.
Hillary558 Hillary558 3 years
juliadoherty juliadoherty 3 years
I agree. If this father had his daughters best interests at heart he wouldn't be forcing the mother to stop breast feeding. SELFISH! Granted she could pump but that doesn't always work (I didn't produce with the pump for some reason). There is no reason a baby needs to away from there mom over night at 10 months. Sorry but if he loved his daughter so much he would be trying to make a family for her not dragging the mother to court and making their relationship more contentious. Do the research breast feeding is best, socially, emotionally and intellectually. This dad is taking that away. 2 parent families are best for children on many levels, again dad isn't doing this. When it just isn't possible to have a 2 parent family cooperative coparenting is better than a fighting and hateful relationship, obviously dad isn't working in the best interest of either of these by dragging a new breast feeding mom through court. Sounds like a real prince! SHAMEFUL!!!
wyattandkodysmama wyattandkodysmama 3 years
And the first thing that comes to mind "Why does the father need overnight visits SO BAD that he's willing to ruin the bond between her and her mother?"
wyattandkodysmama wyattandkodysmama 3 years
If I were her, I'd say I'm worried about him molesting her, I don't feel comfortable with leaving her with him. Sorry, but if he wants to play hard ball, let's play hard ball. When it comes to my kids, there's nothing I wouldn't do for the sake of their well being. No one is tougher than mama bear, the father should be afraid of losing ALL visitation rights, how dare you try to take a baby from it's mother, and at such a young age. SHAME ON HIM. And that woman should stand up for herself and her daughter, start a petition, and protest this ruling.
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