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If You Think This Woman's Overreacting About a "F*cking $4 Bottle of Dish Soap," You're NOT a Mom

It might not have been a $4 bottle of dish soap that sent you over the edge, but if you're a parent, you'll likely relate to the root of Jaime Primak Sullivan's Facebook Live meltdown.

The mother to three grade-schoolers — who has given herself the title of "meanest mom in the world" — had come home early from work to spend time with her kids.

"I pull into the driveway and there's some sort of slip-n-slide thing in my backyard," she explained in the 15-minute-long video that's been viewed 112,000 times. "So I get out of my car and say, 'That looks cool.'" The babysitter had apparently taken the children to the toy store, and her daughter bought the slide with cash she'd earned from chores. At first, Sullivan was proud of her for saving and using her own money.

But then she saw the bottle of dish soap lying in the grass, empty. The contents had been dumped onto the slip-n-slide. She'd just bought the bottle yesterday.

That was it.

Before exploding in anger at her kids, Sullivan went back inside, retreated into her closet, and recorded a video explaining that — no matter what anyone says about them being "just kids" or how her own daughter said "it's just dish soap, Mom!" — her freak-out is absolutely, 100-percent warranted:

I understand that dish soap is $4. That's not the point. The point is that I'm tired. Every woman inside me is tired . . . And I feel like it's not even about the soap. It's like it's never enough with them. No matter what we give them, it's never enough. You could give them ice cream, they need sprinkles. You give them sneakers, they want kicks. You give them a f*cking slip-n-slide, they need f*cking dish soap on it. Do you ever feel like they're insatiable?

To Sullivan, it's "about respecting other people's things" and appreciating the "value of a dollar." And although she can afford to replace the $4 dish soap, she was not raised to be wasteful: "I'm the girl that turns the dish soap bottle upside down so I can get every last drop. I will cipher the damn dish soap."

Thanks to her on-camera rant, she was able to avoid having a complete tirade in front of her kids. And although she plans to discipline them, she said she "needed to do this and catch my breath . . . and I'm going to go outside now and maybe play in the slip-n-slide."

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

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