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Mom Petitions Against Live-Shooter Drill at School

Mom Petitions Against Live-Shooter Drill at School

When it comes to preparing schools for the possibility of an armed intruder, parents have been largely supportive of safety drills. But a proposed drill at F.E. Burrelson Elementery in Tennessee may be taking things too far.

Dondi Johnson, whose daughter attends the elementary school, created a petition last week after hearing about the possibiltity of involving the students in drills with a fake gunman. The petition currently has over 700 signitures.

Most alarming to Johnson was the fact that the young students, rather than simply teachers and other staff, would be facing a pretend gunman with a fake gun in the drill. "I don’t even object to an active shooter as long as there are no kids involved," she noted. 


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DeeDeeLeger DeeDeeLeger 4 years
Before all these shooting that were going on, I was upset for these kinds of drills. But sadly they should be taught. I would rather my child be scared for a moment by a fake attacker then a real one and her not ever coming home. Ignoring the fact that more bad people and disturbed children are around is not going to keep your children safe. Its just sheltering them. Which I can totally understand. But we have drills for earthquakes and fires and those don't always happen and those also scare the children. I say if you want to shelter your own kids, then homeschool them or keep them out of school on drill days (talk to their teacher or principle when the drill happen). I know my kids will be better prepared for IF it ever happened and my husband and I can talk to them about it. How do you think kids back in the old days when nuclear bombs where made and USA was under threat from another Country? Do you think they had drills? I know for a fact they did and I know they were scared (was told by my parents and grandparents). It is not nonsense for any kind of drill. It lets the adults be more prepared and the children know they can trust that their teachers will protect them with their lives.
JeanetteBoyers JeanetteBoyers 4 years
Oops typo:/ I do believe it does more harm than good... Sorry bout that.
JeanetteBoyers JeanetteBoyers 4 years
I would keep my kids home if they ever had one of these where I live. Comparing a live shooter drill to a bomb drill is not accurate. They didn't make loud explosions happen outside the school during bomb drills (as far as I am aware). I just don't believe that having a pretend gunman demonstrate violence to kids in a place they should feel relatively safe does more harm than good. Schools and universities are gun free zones... Maybe if they weren't then nutjobs wouldn't go target them with the knowledge that nobody was going to shoot back.... I feel bad for kids who have been subjected to these nonsense drills since kindergarten. Sad. Shootings at schools make me want to train and arm teachers. But then again I am not someone who thinks less guns = less violence...
JoanneWilsonBronaugh JoanneWilsonBronaugh 4 years
I think have confronting childred, of that age, with such a dramatic tatic, is alarming to thier sense of security in the schools. they should be aware of dangerous situations that may occure in schools, at home and any other place they maybe, but to present them with such dramma, denses their security level. They should not subjected to such intensity.
KizzyNicholas KizzyNicholas 4 years
It is sad that we need these but it is a reality. We had this drill in my building and it was explained to the students. It is a comfort for the students. They know we have a plan in case something should happen. These drills don't causes fear. Ignoring it or only telling adults doesn't give children any sense of security. You can shelter them at any age from danger. We do live fire drills with noises in day cares so kids understand that fires can be real, but their teachers have a plan to keep them safe. They want to know we have a plan and by doing a make believe drill will processing time actually increases their sense of security.
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