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Did This Mom Deserve the Online Lashing She Received For Piercing Her Baby's Nose?

Here's a post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post about piercing a baby's nose.

Nowadays it's common to see a baby with earrings. But, how often do you see an infant with a nose ring? One anonymous mom admitted to piercing her baby's nose, and was surprised by the backlash she received.

Some people may pierce their nose purely out of vanity, while others choose to do it for religious purposes. It's also quite common in the Indian culture. Some Hindu women, as young as 16, may get a nose ring as a sign that she is ready to get married. It's also believed that a hole in a woman's left nostril relieves some of the pain during childbirth. But it's one thing for teens and adults to pierce their noses, and a completely different story for a baby to have a nose piercing.


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In an article posted on, an anonymous mom said she thought it would be "cute and culturally unique and meaningful" to pierce her baby's nose herself.

"I prepared a sterile area and did it with a topical anesthetic in my own home and with a prepackaged piercing needle, in the smallest gauge available. My son barely cried — it was over quickly and healed remarkably fast." she described.

The last thing she expected was to be judged by other parents. Eve Vawter, writer for She Knows points out the fact that parents put holes in their infant daughter's ears all the time. But, sees nothing wrong with it. But, piercing a baby's nose is completely different. "If you are considering putting a hole in their face so people know how cool you are, you should probably put down the needle and think about how your baby may feel about it when he is no longer a baby," she stated.

Some may try and make the argument that it's similar to piercing a child's ear. But I agree with Vawter — the two scenarios are different. I had my daughter's ears pierced by her pediatrician when she was an infant. It's quite common in Jamaica, and I chose to carry on that tradition with my family. I carefully cleaned her earlobes every day to prevent infection, as the doctor recommended.

But, I couldn't imagine poking holes in my baby's nose. I have two kids. They both developed a lot of mucus in their noses at an early age, and always needed saline and suctioning. Keeping their noses clear of boogers with a pierced nose would have been a huge challenge.

If you ask me, it seems as though this mom was trying to live vicariously through her child. She admitted to making a "bad call" after people threatened to report her to Child Protective Services, which makes me question if she would have felt that way had no one said anything.

What do you think about piercing an infant's nose? Is it any different than a baby with earrings?

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