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Mom Pretends to Be 12 to Catch Online Predator (VIDEO)

Mom Pretends to Be 12 to Catch Online Predator (VIDEO)

How far would you go to protect your kids from online dangers?

A Harlingen, Texas mom recently went under cover to capture an online predator. After noticing a Facebook friend request to her 12-year-old daughter from someone named "Freddie Love," the mom, whose identity has not been released, messaged him back as her daughter. The reply? As the woman explained to Action 4 News, "He was being very explicit about what he wanted done. He wanted (oral sex) and told me what position."

Watch the video below to find out who "Freddie Love" turned out to be — which might be the scariest part of all — and how this daring mom assisted the police in his capture.

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AimeePembleton AimeePembleton 4 years
I understand the upset about the child only being 12 and on facebook. However it did say in the story that the daughter went to her mom and said this man named Freddie Love is trying to friend me. I think that the 12 yr old showed huge responsibility by going to her mom. Makes me think that mom and daughter have a wonderful relationship and the daughter showed that she can be trusted.
Andrea21611 Andrea21611 4 years
Why would you allow your 12 year old to have a face book page at all??
DebHawksworth DebHawksworth 4 years
way to be a GREAT MOMMA protecting your child :-) I hope this taught your daughter something as well tho. Keep up the good work, and rock on Momma
FjolaRoberts FjolaRoberts 4 years
Hats of to you mom for doing this. Way to go for helping police catch this man. We need more like you to do this.
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 4 years
Kids are not even suppose to have a facebook until they are 13. Howevere I am glad the Mother was brave enough to do this
TheresaDesarroRevilak TheresaDesarroRevilak 4 years
Holy smokes. Unbelievable. Go Mom!!! This terrifies me though. The guy is a teacher!!!
sainabujagne sainabujagne 4 years
This is a great job,i think all mums should follow her foot steps. As already said by some of the commentators we should not allow children under 18 to join face book,and if they do please make sure you keep an eye.Bravo
SherryWendt SherryWendt 4 years
good that it sick and mom just protecting her baby
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