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Mom Punishes Cyberbullying Daughter

Mom Doles Out Unusual Punishment For Cyberbullying

Most parents would agree that the punishment should fit the crime, but one mom in North Carolina believes the two should match. When Cara Schneider learned that daughter Hailey had participated in cyberbullying, she wanted a punishment that would prevent it from happening again. Schneider told her daughter that she was to sell her iPod and donate the money to the charity Beat Bullying. But that was only part of the discipline. In order to sell the iPod, Schenider advertised the item on Facebook's yard sale page using a photo of Hailey holding a sign that explained what she'd done, but the mom's actions have some parents crying foul.

To see why some parents are calling the mom a cyberbully, read the full story on The Stir.

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RondaBirkeland RondaBirkeland 3 years
I think she did great... All the people thinking mom did bad .... What would they have her do? Give the kid a gun then wonder why a school of kids got shot on and half are dead? Smh
BarbaraTurner82515 BarbaraTurner82515 3 years
Mama knows best! Can't fault her for that at all! At least she didn't beat the heck out of the kid! Logical consequences is the way I always tried to raise our kids! Til their father stepped in and usurped MY authority! Ahole! When our daughter was 5, my mother, her brother and I went to the local Winn Dixie, got our groceries, checked out, put them in the van and our little 5 year old princess turns to me and goes "look Mommy! I got my gum!" I was stunned! I simply said "Oh no ma'am! We're going right back in there and you're going to have a little chat with the Manager in the office." I wish you could have seen the look on her face! My Mother just snickered! So my daughter and I and mom and her baby brother all marched back into the store, I asked for the Manager, he came up and I told him that we needed a lesson in why NOT to simply TAKE what we want in his office. So he led us up to his "cubicle" and we all sat there and she explained what she did, he in turn explained what she did was wrong, what it 'effected' and why she should never do it again. Thank you for your time Mr. Manager. She never ever did anything like that again and is now a happy mom with 2 young children and is the Deputy Tax Commissioner where she lives! Awesome! Logical consequences!
kerrycampbell32615 kerrycampbell32615 3 years
This was the best thing for her. Good for you mom!!!
GidgetFerguson GidgetFerguson 3 years
Good for this mother! The only way that children will learn that poor character is something that can affect you adversely is to make sure that it DOES affect them. I would do the same in a heartbeat and openly admit that I have warned my child that she will never live down the embarrassment I will cause her if I catch her behaving so wretchedly. If more parents of bullies made their children pay the consequences in a similar manner we might not have such an epidemic.
MichelleLucio MichelleLucio 3 years
If you can dish it out, you can take it! Kids are bullied everyday through social media. They can't get everything off of the internet that is posted about them, or photos or videos that are posted, of them, by their bullies. People are so concerned that this mother is "bullying" her own daughter by putting her punishment on social media. That it could haunt her forever or harm her later. Well, that's what happens to the kids who are bullied! They don't have a choice in it, either. They have to just learn to live with it. What about the parents of bullied children? Who try so hard to protect them, only to have some parents not even care that their children are bullies. A good parent will stop the bad behavior from the beginning. A parent who is a bully, themselves, will end up raising a bully. This girl can learn from her mistake and learn to live with it. Kids grow up, and as a young adult, an old post of your punishment would be easy to explain, and easy for other adults to understand. Let the punishment fit the crime! Bravo! The parent isn't a bully. She is disciplining her child in a way that SHE deems fit as the parent of said child.
missnanny missnanny 3 years
You go Mom! It is time to make these kids realize that there are consequences to their actions.
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