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Mom-Recommended Diaper Rash Remedies

Mom-Recommended Diaper Rash Remedies

Ouch! Diaper rash is a true pain in the bum—and as common as ants at a picnic. Caused by factors that include extended wetness, diarrhea, diet, and allergies, it shows up as inflamed, bright red skin on a baby’s rear end. Thankfully, over a thousand Circle of Moms members have shared their tricks for banishing the pesky rash, and here we're sharing 7 of the best.

1. Open Airtime

“The best remedy for diaper rash is to let your little one be diaper free for a few hours throughout the day,” advises Yesenia S., one of numerous Circle of Moms members who stress that open-air playtime is the fastest way to heal diaper rash.

2. Frequent Diaper Changes

Diaper rash is commonly linked to continuously wet diapers, so frequent changes are essential to prevention and healing. As Asawari S. recommends: “Make sure you change the diaper every 3 hours as a rule. The acidity of the wet diaper will add to the rash.”


3. Ointments

Every baby is different, so it’s no surprise that moms tout many different diaper rash creams as miracle workers. Still, some products receive consistently high marks, including Melanie B.’s favorite brand: Triple Paste. "It is THE BEST on the market…Both my daughters have eczema and sensitive skin, so Triple Paste has been a lifesaver, or should I say, a butt saver.” Others agree with mother-of-two Jessica S.: “I like the Bourdreaux Butt Paste, and not just for the funny name! It works better than anything else I’ve tried, and it’s really gentle on her skin. A lot of the other ones seem to burn if she has a bad rash.” Additional popular remedies include mixtures with Maalox (to neutralize the acid in your bub’s nether regions), or good old Vaseline.

4. Baking Soda and Corn Starch

If over-the-counter ointments prove unsuccessful, consider raiding your cupboard. Many moms swear by baking soda baths, while others like Lora J. recommend corn starch: “An old remedy is corn starch straight outta the box. It coats and soothes all in one.” Note, however, that if a yeast infection is involved, corn starch will worsen the situation.

5. Switch Baby Wipes and Diapers

You may want to try different wipes and diapers,” suggested mother-of-three Stephanie S. “There may be an allergy issue. My LO is allergic to all but Huggies Supreme and 7th Generation.” Kim N. agreed: “Be careful about the wipes you are using during changing. If they are fragranced or infused with alcohol, they will irritate his skin even more.”

6. Check Baby's Diet—and Yours

Diaper rash often develops after a baby is introduced to solid foods, or when a breast-feeding mom eats certain foods. As Christine N. shared: “When my babies had bad nappy rash I tried to limit the amount of dairy products they ate as these tended to make them worse.” Acidic foods, such as citrus juices, are another common culprit.

7. Rule Out Other Infections

Be sure to consult your pediatrician if diaper rash lingers, spreads beyond the diaper area, or is accompanied by fever, blisters, boils, pus or weeping discharge. The rash may actually be a yeast or fungal infection, thrush or eczema.

Image Source: futurestreet via Flickr/Creative Commons

CharmaineTheron CharmaineTheron 6 years
You can also try Baby Resque Creme from Annique.
nikkiWallis nikkiWallis 6 years
i use JUST ROOIBOS african tea in my girls bath. and by the next day its gone.
shelby61364 shelby61364 6 years
i used witch hazel on all 6 of my children.....with air drying then dab on the witch hazel let it dry then use your cream of every time......and it doesn't burn there bottoms
Tina9896 Tina9896 6 years
My daughter got a very raw diaper rash a week after she came home from the hospital. It was around the anus and we took her to the doctor and they said it was a yeast rash infection. Now she is a breast fed baby. And at that they poop every time they feed. She was eating every 1-2 hours. So you can imagine how much she pooped. So the doctors gave us cream after cream and it never worked. This went on for 8 weeks! I had cut out baby wipes, and used water in a bowl and baby face cloth's. So after all that i just started to use the cloth's and then dried the area with a tissue and put some powder on my hand and rubbed it in to suck up the dampness and applied vaseline then the diaper. And soon enough the raw area went away. wow who would have thought!!!!!! This will work even if the diaper rash is getting a little red.
AgnesSondakh AgnesSondakh 6 years
thank you, this article is useful.
CoMMember13630845607087 CoMMember13630845607087 6 years
My grandma, mom, and I have always used Udder Cream, specifically Corona. You can find it in the horse section of the pet aisle. I know it sounds strange, but it works EVERY TIME, usually overnight.
ElizeMarcotte ElizeMarcotte 6 years
want the rash gone in less than two days...nipple ointment ladies...the type with lanolin in it!!!
HeatherLuzader HeatherLuzader 6 years
i have used bag balm, a & d and even vagisil on my son, he doesn't get rashes very often and when he does he runs around naked for a few hours!! it always helps!
AbbyGranger AbbyGranger 6 years
Those are all great tips and tools. The best advice I ever got was from our pediatrician. He said that I didn't need to clean her with wipes at every diaper change. (Obviously) wipe for a poop diaper, but not after every pee-pee diaper. I followed this advice and we rarely had diaper rash. And if she would get diaper rash, I would remove the soiled diaper, let it air dry and an hour or so later put a dry diaper on. Only used butt cream at night while she was sleeping for maximum liquid repellant.
ShawnaDyck ShawnaDyck 6 years
I use Ratio-Nystatin. It's an anti-fungal cream behind the counter at the pharmacy! Cost only $6.00 and it is a miracle..wonder why more moms don't know about this!
YanireMahabirsingh YanireMahabirsingh 6 years
There is a butt paste that's called, well, Butt Paste. It is the best ever!
GayleBrown26018 GayleBrown26018 6 years
the only thing that worked for us was chlorine-free diapers
TammySherlin TammySherlin 6 years
coconut oil is def. the best we have found!
kristierothcleaver kristierothcleaver 6 years
i use butt paste! its all natural so it doesn't burn..
TraceyDelaney TraceyDelaney 6 years
Olive Oil is perfect to clear up nappy rash. Have it diluted 1part oil to 2 parts water use this with tissues to clean then wipe over with straight oil again. Use alot before night sleep an rash will be clear in the morning. I have 4 boys and it has worked with all of them. :-) Great on cradlecap also.
TeriLynEaton TeriLynEaton 6 years
mylanta..... apply on the diaper rash with a cotton ball! My doctor told me about it and I thought he was crazy.... It cleared it up right away!!!
ShannonBarbe ShannonBarbe 6 years
switch to Sensitive wipes. if it's just a red rash & no broken skin, use the Triple Paste as suggested or Boudreaux's Butt Paste. If it is spotted, it is most likely a fungal infection. For that I use a MIX of anti-fungal cream & zinc oxide ointment. This is the same ingredients in the prescription named Vusion that is extremely expensive!!! Good luck!!!
SherylJasso SherylJasso 6 years
"burn", (put some flour in a skillet and heat it until it is brown), some flour and use it as powder on the bum. ; )
MichellePeters34785 MichellePeters34785 6 years
I've used Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) on my daughter since the day she was born and she is now 17 months old. She has never had nappy rash because it acts like a barrier between her skin and the urine.
AisaBacher AisaBacher 6 years
i have found Vaseline works great with my son's rashes, and i also try avoiding using nappy wipes water from the taps works
VanessaStewart27526 VanessaStewart27526 6 years
Eliminating dairy from my diet helped alot and blowdrying her bum bum on low setting after each diaper change was key.
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