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Mom Robs Bank With 3-Year-Old Son in Tow

Mom Robs Bank With 3-Year-Old Son in Tow

At first this headline made us wonder at the trials and tribulations of working motherhood – until we read the story. The young mom in question, Cherilyn Lopez, was driven to commit robbery by her addiction to prescription pills.

With her toddler by her side, she successfully robbed a bank in Port Richey, Florida, and then dropped the boy off at a nearby daycare, presumably so that she could go buy pills without him in tow, all before she was apprehended by police.

Read the whole story at

Have you ever had to take your children with you on an awkward (legal!) errand?

Image Source: mscaprikel via Flickr/Creative Commons

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RoelienLambie RoelienLambie 6 years
lost for words
BobKadet BobKadet 6 years
Any comment on this would be total speculation on my part. However, I did want to leave this, be careful when criticizing others. Not to say what she did was wrong, after all that is pretty much a given right? When you point a finger at someone know that you are pointing three back at yourself. Frankly I'm with Anita ....SAD!!! At least now, hopefully, she will be in a position to get help with her addiction and if appropriate eventually get her child back.
AshleyDelaney48365 AshleyDelaney48365 6 years
i take my two girls into the package store sometimes.. its kinda weird but the workers are always very nice to them!
LisaDouthit LisaDouthit 6 years
I think this woman needs to be on the World's dumbest criminals! Leave your child in a car seat with the car running (which is in itself against the law in most states) and then go in to rob a bank? Geez! Only to be interupted by her own son who manages to get out of the car seat to knock on the bank door? Was he trying to stop the robbery? LOL Thank God this child is now in protective services. I hope the other family member they find to place him with is smarter than this lady!
DelcieLovelace DelcieLovelace 6 years
she didn't want her son in tow while she was buying pills, but it was okay for him to be in tow while she robbed the bank?!?! I understand this mother has an addiction, but what was she thinking bringing her 3yr. old to a bank robbery.
LisaCatacosinos LisaCatacosinos 6 years
I could never take my kids into a tobacco store.
sharongreen60159 sharongreen60159 6 years
She must have been incredibly desperate to do that. Its very sad. I hope she gets some help for her addction...
AmandaStegemollerPrzybylo AmandaStegemollerPrzybylo 6 years
I always find it awkward to go into the state store (the hard liquor dept.) at my grocery store with my twin 4mth olds and 2yr old in tow, I always end up jokingly saying, yes this is why I drink... even though 90% of the time it's for my husband, I think I've had time to sit and enjoy 2 martinis since our twins came along.
Zaminia Zaminia 6 years
Money and drugs...The route of all evil...
RobbinHayes RobbinHayes 6 years
WOW take ur kid to rob a bank but leave him at daycare to get drugs! Hmmmmm Was she planning on pickin him up is the question
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