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Mom Says Poppy Seeds Cost Her Custody of Her Newborn

Mom Says Poppy Seeds Cost Her Custody of Her Newborn

A woman in Pennsylvania is suing the Lawrence County Department of Children and Youth Services for taking her newborn baby away from her after she failed a routine drug test.

Eileen Bower claims she ate a salad with poppy seed dressing right before giving birth. While she was in labor, the hospital performed a routine drug test that revealed the presence of opiates in her system — which can sometimes be caused by consuming high amounts of poppy seeds. As a result, Bower's 2-day-old infant was taken away from her — for 75 days.

Read the whole story here.

Should the state of Pennsylvania compensate Eileen Bower?

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DianeHineline DianeHineline 5 years
That's garbage. She's either poppin' pills or shooting up. False positives do occur but not because of salad dressing. Just wouldn't happen.
DebbieCole39868 DebbieCole39868 5 years
why was she being tested in the first place....hummm?!?
michellecalvert38920 michellecalvert38920 5 years
i feel so sorry for the mother and baby
SarahGill75131 SarahGill75131 5 years
And as far as regular urine given in the dr office while prego, unless u have a weird dr, they dip a strip to test for protein in the urine to check for high sugar! Not drugs. And when u go into labor they take blood and urine, I never asked what they were looking for. At that point I didn't care, so how do u know for sure u didn't get tested?
SarahGill75131 SarahGill75131 5 years
Actually, I live in PA and it was before she got to the hospital and I think at first she said bagel. And i'm sure if she had reciepe they wouldn't have taken her child. Obviously they had reason to suspect her. And come on, isn't this a better safe then sorry? Maybe sometimes they do cause trouble for innocent ppl, but on the chance that they do get wrong doers...if there r drugs in ur system theybhave to check and maybe lab results to say seeds or not were not conclusive. Just saying, look at it both ways...
AmandaLowe52898 AmandaLowe52898 5 years
If u wait 24 hrs seeds gone pot not tada
I find this freaking stupid My husband just said there is a test out there that can tell if its poppy seed or the real deal This lady got a raw deal and lost precious time with her newborn. I pray that she gets justice in her case I am so sorry that they failed this wonderful mother and her newborn
BrittnyCapocciama BrittnyCapocciama 5 years
Poppy seeds contain both Morphine and Codeine and can cause false positives for Opiates in urine tests. Most Opiate urine tests have a cut off level of 300 ng/ml. Ingestion of a single poppy seed bagel can produce an opiate level somewhere around 250 ng/ml three hours later. 3 teaspoons of store bought poppy seeds can result in 1200 ng/ml 6 hours later (1). We have read an estimate that 70% of DOT opiate positives are from poppy seeds. The U.S. Military uses cut off levels of 3000 ng/ml in order to minimize false positives. The profile and levels of Opiates that show up in a urine test can generally be distinguished from Opiate use if care is taken...however it is not a simple thing and results are often mis-read by companies giving drug tests. If eaten recently and in great enough quantity, poppy seeds will result in positive morphine and codeine results, with morphine predominant. This can be distinguished from recent Codeine use because of the comparative levels of Morphine and Codeine present. However Codeine use in the past (not recent) can result in a similar profile as Morphine is a metabolite of Codeine. Codeine is eliminated from the system more quickly than Morphine, so an extended period after Codeine use, levels of Morphine may be higher than those of Codeine. The Discovery Channel's MythBusters show did a piece testing whether poppy seeds could cause a false positive on an over-the-counter drug test. Two people were tested for opiates before the experiment began. Both tested negative on this initial test. One person then ate three poppy seed bagels and the other ate poppy seed cake. Both tested positive for opiates within 30 minutes of ingesting the seeds and continued to test positive until 16 hours after ingestion. The same brand of drug test was used in all cases. They called a number of manufacturers of over-the-counter drug tests and were told by all but one that poppy seeds could not cause a false positive.
realloveeee realloveeee 5 years
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