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Lots of moms think out loud, and CaliChic does too. Eighteen Years of Solitude comes from the Work it Momma blog at OnSugar.

Ben was a little frustrated with me this weekend because I flatly rejected the idea of hosting an impromptu BBQ with friends this weekend.  Ben was understandably confused by my outright “no!” response.  Once upon a time, in a reality far, far away (and never to return), I used to jump on the idea of hosting any kind of social gathering.  I love throwing parties!  I even have a perfect outdoor dining set, complete with high and low ball glasses, and two acrylic margarita pitchers ready to tackle any occasion and any level of intoxication.  But in that once-upon-a-time reality people would come over to my house and marvel at the picture perfect spread, all my matching place settings, and a seasonal menu planned out to go with the day or the mood or the occasion.  I would even go Martha Stewart on the centerpieces, pulling together marvelous décor from my fruit basket and garden.  That reaction, the “Wow Vicki, you really out did yourself this time!” was what motivated me to throw a spectacular party!  That was then, but now …

Now we don’t entertain couples, we entertain a circus of play dates and parents and the sheer chaos means that no matter how creatively I slice my pineapple, someone’s kid is just going to try to feed it to our crazy little mutt Charlie or stick it up their nose.  No matter how perfect my stemware may be for the party cocktail, my sunset mango margaritas will end up in tasteless plastic cups with melted ice cubes and sticky finger prints all over them.  And by the end, when we are saying our goodbyes to our guests, it is full-blown trapeze act as moms toss their little ones screaming into car seats and daddy’s arms and hustle off to their minivans and SUVs to shuttle their little stunt bunnies home to bed.  What am I left with?  An exhausted baby, a buzzed husband, and a crap load of dishes covered with uneaten fruit arrangements and chicken skewers that would take me weeks to consume on my own.


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lauren lauren 7 years
I can only imagine that has to be tough but it is so great you can talk to your husband and he wants to help out! I love that you want to keep your kid looking cute too, who doesn't!
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