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Mom Spanks 2-Year-Old, Gets 5 Years Probation

Mom Spanks 2-Year-Old, Gets 5 Years Probation

A mom in Texas was recently reported to authorities by her mother-in-law for spanking her two-year-old daughter, and is now sentenced to five years probation.

We know that spanking is a hotly contested topic, as evidenced by the hundreds of member comments on a recent opinion piece, Why Spanking Is Wrong, and the many moms who defended the disciplinary practice in a Circle of Moms Q&A session about whether spanking causes future behavioral issues.

But in this particular case, the state of Texas appears to be sending very mixed signals, as the state actually allows spanking in schools. 


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Should spanking be a crime?

Image Source: Via KZTV10

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CharlotteNaylor CharlotteNaylor 5 years
What a load of rubbish. The MIL is just being a busy body and the judge is just taking it too far. There is nothing wrong with spanking, as long as it's just a quick tap. If it's more than that, then it's wrong and should be dealt with correctly by the law. I was spanked, and it made me behave because I feared it. Children these days don't get it "because it's wrong", and look at most of them.
KimberliPayne KimberliPayne 5 years
The kids that got spankings are ones don't in up in trouble as much ones that don't. They don't get out of control like the ones that don't.
SamanthaAllen15197 SamanthaAllen15197 5 years
this is discusting for any mother to do this. there are other ways of telling a child off without having to smack a child!
OliviaWatson OliviaWatson 5 years
I do not like to spank my son, i do my best to use it as a last resort. But he likes to test me a LOT and sometimes there is no other way to get his attention. A little swat goes a long way. This is rediculous. But i do agree it depends on what the situation was. There is a difference between beating and spanking.
MelissaHoang MelissaHoang 5 years
I feel that there's other ways to discipline my son than using physical punishment, but that is my choice.
EmilyLueck EmilyLueck 5 years
That's so wrong, as long as the mother hadn't gone overboard then there was nothing wrong with her disciplining her child how she see's fit. It is neither the state nor the Mother in Laws business how she disciplines her child as long as there is no abuse going on.
MarlieFlorus MarlieFlorus 5 years
What a shame, I would absolutely erase this grandmother out of my kid's life. Now wait and see this kid on the news in about 12 to 14 years for crime and ask the Judge who should the mother blame for it???????
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