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Mom's Speech About Transgender Child

Mom Delivers Moving Speech About Raising a Transgender Child

Debi Jackson is proof that a mother's love knows no limits. Earlier this year, the Kansas City mom shared the story of her 6-year-old daughter AJ's transition from male to female. The mother reflects on the first moment she noticed that her son was unhappy in his skin, noting his constant request to wear, "dresses, nightgowns, headbands, sparkly pink shoes, and eventually girls' underwear." After several Google searches and consultations with pediatricians and psychologists, Jackson and her husband decided to embrace their child's new identity. Of course, not everyone was as accepting. Jackson notes that they lost several friends and family members during the process, and even went into hiding for a year so AJ could comfortably transition. In her speech, Jackson also addresses some of the cruel comments she's received from strangers, such as you "wanted a girl so you turned your child into one" and "God hates transgender people." Hopefully her speech silences the haters and gives a voice to others going through the same situation.

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NicholeCampbell5621 NicholeCampbell5621 2 years

It saddens me that this family had to go through this (just because of the pain from societal issues), but it warms my heart that this little girl has a caring, supportive and loving family. God, please, continue to bless and keep you all as you journey through this life. Thank you mom, for having the courage to say, 'this is enough, you hateful people need to check yourselves.'

HeatherBrewer96310 HeatherBrewer96310 2 years

God doesn't hate anyone! Ever!!

AmyGriffin45682 AmyGriffin45682 2 years

All I can say is we are not judge or jury. The scriptures say we are to love one another as Jesus loves us. Only He can judge, and those that judge AJ and her parents will be judged appropriately. Prayers for AJ and her family and God be with them!

AgnesJones AgnesJones 2 years

I applaud them sadly; we live in a world of HIPPOCRITE
etc. I am sure that AJ will grow up to
be a fine human being (whatever his/her gender.) Who are we to pass judgment? And no he isi not too young to make a choice.

KaeseanJoseph KaeseanJoseph 2 years


AmandaMalik AmandaMalik 2 years

We need more mothers like this! Every mother should love and accept their child no matter their sexuality or gender identity. As for the friends and family they lost, they weren't true friends or family, otherwise they would've loved and accepted this child no matter what.

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