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Mom With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Loses Custody of Her Kids

Mom With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Loses Custody of Her Kids

A North Carolina mother with stage 4 breast cancer lost a custody battle for her two kids, aged 5 and 11, due in part to her terminal illness.  The judge ruled that because Giordano's cancer prognosis is uncertain, and she doesn't have a job, she can't support her children adequately. The judge also suggested Giordano relocate to Chicago to be near her children at their new home with their father, requiring her to undergo her cancer treatments with a new medical team and facility.

Giordano is appealing the judge's decision. If she loses that case, her children will move to Chicago to live with her ex-husband on June 17th.

Read the whole story.

Should a terminal disease influence a custody battle?

Image Source: Daily News

PetaNoonan1378188135 PetaNoonan1378188135 4 years
Wtf id that judge thinking of the kids...and what sort of man does tthat to the mother of his children
buffy12335 buffy12335 6 years
he so stupid he should stand by her and help out he will get whats comeing to him
KarrieBell KarrieBell 6 years
This is such a sad and ridiculous situation. I lost my mother to Breast Cancer when I was a teen and would have deeply hated anyone who tried to take away any of the precious time I had left with her. I have read all the comments about her not having a job and the possibility of going on public assistance. My question is this, Is the father paying child support? If so, why is an issue that she can not financially support her children? She doesn't have a job and she may die sooner then if she did not have this illness, so take her children? That is STUPID. There are so many unemployed citezens in this country right now, does that mean any of them should lose their children because they do not have a job? And as far as her possibility of passing away in the near future, The father could get hit by a bus, or shot during a convenience store robbery today, tomorrow or next month. So in my opinion that should not be a factor at all. If the father was concerned about the well being of those children at all he would be a little more willing to compromise. While I agree that no child should watch a parent die nor should they be the one to find them once they have, NO CHILD SHOULD BE ROBBED OF WHAT LITTLE TIME THEY HAVE LEFT WITH A DYING MOTHER!! There are several other ways this could have been handled. Poor decision on the part of the judge and even worse on the father. Karma has a way of coming back to you and both of you will eventually be dealt back what you have dealt out. And if you don't believe in Karma, you will have to answer for everything you have done here once your time is gone. My heart goes out to this mother and to her children. And I pray for the success of her appeal!
MaryKnockwood MaryKnockwood 6 years
She shoudl not lose her kids due to a teminal disease...the kids need to be with their mother and as far as the day what is his story and would he have the kids best interest in mind especially with possibility of abuse in the marriage...I would not trust him right off and if I were that judge make sure that no abuse will happen with the kids....
pamelabraun pamelabraun 6 years
MeganLee29357 MeganLee29357 6 years
nice... the woman is loosing her life.. so man kind rip her children from her !! what a wonderful race we are! why cant the exhubby go to the children an help a woman he once cared enough for to have sex and children with !
BrendaFarrell52331 BrendaFarrell52331 6 years
Cant believe the Justice system would let this happen. Taking away a mothers children when she is terminally ill. Just terrible. Sickening. She could get state assistance like alot of other Americans. This is awful to do to both the mother and the children. What type of father would want this for his children and the mother of his children. Time together is short enough ofr this mom and her children. let them enjoy it while they have the chance.
TrinaLGrant TrinaLGrant 6 years
These children are going to have a very good outlook on our justice system. "Sorry ma'am, I'm taking your kids away from you because you cannot adequately provide for them. Despite the fact I have just publicly stated you do not have the financial capability to care for your children, I'm still going to suggest you find the money to move to Chicago. I have a very twisted sense of logic, by the way." She should just claim her back hurts and go on public assistance and be able to keep them and have a free cell phone and house payment and water, food and electric. Why can't she get public assistance? Why should her children have to be taken away from her when there are still public housing projects in this country that don't provide air-conditioning to their tenants? Does she have a home with a/c? If so she's one up on what the government would provide for them right there. Surely there is some social worker somewhere ready to swoop in and dump some welfare money in her lap and help her. If anyone deserves it, I guess a dying woman does. What a farce this government of ours has become.
JoanElmendorf JoanElmendorf 6 years
I think this really sucks, she should have her kids to give her some happy times and her ex should rot in HELL. and the good lord will make sure of this.....The judge needs to have some compasion and think of this situation as if was them,,, get a life and leave her kids with her
AmandaBrioux AmandaBrioux 6 years
WOW, this is the most cruel and sickest thing I have EVER heard. Who does this judge think he is? I am speechless. If she loses her kids over this ruling, I wish this judge all the unhappiness in the world. Maybe he should die without his kids or family around him as well...that would be fair. I am so infuriated right now I really wish I knew who this person was so I could give them a big piece of my mind!!!! What is this world coming to. All I can say is good luck to Giordano!
TinaPoulton TinaPoulton 6 years
I suppose if she were closer to the father or and was aloud to see the kids when ever she wanted it's not so but. But she shouldn't have to relocate she has enough on her plate without worrying about that. It is a sad situation and we all feel for her. What Barb said is true. My Grandmother had breast cancer and my mother was the one that found her as a child when she'd past away and that's not something you get over. Then again if she has someone around that can be there with her to help take care of the children should she be unable to why shouldn't she have custody. There's lots of things to take into account. It is sad.
AoifeBarnhart AoifeBarnhart 6 years
My heart rips in half to say this. But, that is what these court hearings are for. Whatever is in the best interest of the kid/s. All my heart's desire is that momma has a smooth and fruitful transition to Chi-town.
CelesteGonzales CelesteGonzales 6 years
I think in the best interest of the children, there needs to be facts that are considered. Is the father someone the children have a good relationship with? The mother should not have lost custody here though. Partial custody should have been granted. The father should start taking the kids more and more as the mother's illness progresses to build the relationship with the children. Also, if the father is someone dangerous, the mother would know. The courts should always listen to the mother first and farmost or the father, whoever is the more legit parent. People never know what happens in a marriage..If the mother doesnt want them going with him there is something wrong.
KathrynArnold KathrynArnold 6 years
What thats bs! just cuz there mother is sick
SallyWildon SallyWildon 6 years
No. Those kids will always be sad that they were not there for their mother when she needed them.
JeniDodge JeniDodge 6 years
what a terminal disease should not influence a custody battle. These children have a limited amount of time with that parent. The family should be given all the support that they need so that they can stay together. And expecting this poor woman to also have to relocate in her condition is completely unacceptable!
CoMMember13631166196539 CoMMember13631166196539 6 years
After reading through a lot of these comments I completely understand and respect the majority opinion that the judge is "cruel" and "has no heart". But at the same time, that poor woman is obviously sick and also has NO JOB, how could she possibly take care of kids adequately on her own or afford the proper childcare? A terminal disease by itself should not influence a custody battle, but obviously an inability to take care of your kids has to. The judge is simply looking out for the best interest of the children. It's not ideal for her to change the location/staff of the cancer treatment she is used to, but if she was really concerned for her children and their ability to see her during her last days, then why would moving to Chicago even be a question? Don't try and tell me that she's not strong enough to get on a plane and move to Chicago, but she's capable of handling two kids by herself. Something doesn't add up there. The ideal situation would be for the dad to move to her, but I am in agreement with the judge that finding a new job is much more difficult than finding a new medical team. I'm sure the medical facilities in Chicago are more than adequate and qualified to administer her monthly treatment. No, it doesn't "sit right" with the public to take kids away from a dying mother but this decision will not be appealed because logically, it makes sense.
LynnCulpepper LynnCulpepper 6 years
No way!!! Look what this world has become, favor the cold hearted, shallow, selfish, inhumane, cruel people that shouldn't even be blessed to have children. What a sorry father he is and the judge not to do right by the children and make the most out of the time the children and mother have left together!!! Absolutely Sickening!!! It's awful to see that a so called father would do this to his own children and their mother... Ridiculous!
LisaDelgado LisaDelgado 6 years
No!!!!!! How gutless of her EX!!! This is the time that she needs to be with her children, so sad and what a heartless judge to allow this as an excuse to grant custody to the father
NjyRios NjyRios 6 years
HeatherMertins HeatherMertins 6 years
What kind of father would take his kids away from a mother who is dying? Sickning
AmyInman AmyInman 6 years
This judge must not have children of her own. Why would she think this is in the best interest of the children. This is when they need there mother the most. The judge should order the Healthy parent back to NC so that the children can stay with there mother. A sick parent needs here family near her to give her love and support. This is the best medicine any ill person needs. I think the father and the judge need there head examined. I hope people are giving the judge and father grief over this.
CorrinAngelo CorrinAngelo 6 years
I agree with Stephanie. First of all the women is fighting for her life and to add more stress and anxiety to the poor lady will more than likely make her weaker, if the ex ever really cared about the Mother of his children he should be More Supportive and be there for her and the kids. When my father got sick my Mother was there 110% for not only myself but for her grandson and her ex husband to let us all know that she LOVED AND SUPPORTED US, and I was 26 when I lost my dad.
DanaKimball DanaKimball 6 years
This is ridiculous if we can support people who are not even citizens of our country why cant we support this woman and he children through this and then if she does lose her battle her kids will not be psychologically effected like they will if they are taken away from her and she dies. If the father takes them away to another state they will end up hating him for denying them the chance to spend what time their mother had left with her.This woman has been dealt a terrible blow just having cancer and this ruling by some stupid judge has now dealt her the worse thing that a mom that loves her children could ever have to hear. Im sure knowing she may be dying with cancer is second on her list now right behind having her precious children stolen from her by the ignorance of a judge who I would be willing to bet would feel differant if this was a member of his family.
SuzieGroth SuzieGroth 6 years
Just goes to show how stupid the authoritys can be, the children need there mum. I had the same problem in my custody battle only I had severe depression caused mainly by my lifestyle with ex...less than three years later he sent them back to live with me then relocated from Australia to Honk Kong and left them with me... So where was the justice in that for the kids....
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