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Mom Unexpectedly Gives Birth to "Miracle Baby"

Destiny Free, a manager at the Family Dollar store in Sweeny, TX, recently got a whole lot more than she bargained for after unexpectedly giving birth to a healthy 7-pound boy — even after doctors said there was only a one percent chance she could get pregnant, KHOU reports.

Free says she defied the odds because prior to the delivery she had no signs of being pregnant. "My water broke, and I knew I wasn't pregnant," Free said. "I just had my tubes tied in October."

Nevertheless, after 38 minutes of labor, Free gave birth at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Free already has three children and is happy about her new addition, calling him "Destiny's child." She says: "He's my miracle baby."

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Jennifer14767587 Jennifer14767587 3 years
For those of you talking about her being "ignorant" about having missed her period. There are woman out there who have irregular periods which is a medical condition and sometimes not having a period for a few months then having one then none. I am so sick of seeing people judge others and call others names when they have never walked in their shoes...I say the baby is a miracle and she was blessed to have a healthy child with no prenatal care!
aprilweber68840 aprilweber68840 3 years
As far as not knowing about pregnancy it can and does happen some babies do not move at all or very little so it is difficult to feel not all women experience body changes when I was pregnant the third time I felt nothing and had no changes I have worked in Ob in the past and foray years I have seen women like this one so it does happen don't mock her or criticize her there area y women who have had tubals that would give anything to have this woman's luck myself included! The baby is a blessing and a miracle!
aprilweber68840 aprilweber68840 3 years
Sorry my auto text kicked in its supposed to be some women react differently to tubals
aprilweber68840 aprilweber68840 3 years
@aimee some women react differently to rivals I myself went months without a period and I was not pregnant. Tubal ligations cause hormone shifts in the body and for more women periods will get heavier and more frequent for others it can cause missed periods- for most tubal ligation syndrome happens
aprilweber68840 aprilweber68840 3 years
You cannot be pregnant when you have the procedure done they do pregnancy testing and as far as healing there is no time period for "healing" per say 1% of women who have procedure done the tubes will grow back together which can cause pregnancy. Just like any other birth control there is a failure rate, although its more rare with a tubal it can happen.
BillieEvans BillieEvans 3 years
Getting your tubes tied does not keep you from having periods. Hysterectamies remove your lady parts, with a tubal all they do is tie your fallopian tubes. This lady didn't know she wasn't pregnant because she was ignorant to the side effects of getting her tubes tied and she's overweight.
PaulaLopez96447 PaulaLopez96447 3 years
I will say congrats & not judge. Every child should be considered a miracle baby to me. I'm 42 and I was told at the age of 16 that I would never conceive my own child. I adopted my son, who is 6, in 2008 and what a blessing he is. I went to ER last Sunday with severe cramping and 5 hrs later I was told that I'm pregnant. Sitting there in total shock but ultrasound showed my yolk sac. Went to OB on Thursday and I heard my baby's heartbeat. God has given me a blessing (miracle) because I have tried for 23 yrs to conceive. I'm feeling it, mood swings and all, but to me, this is a "Miracle Baby" I'm only 2 mths and I can feel every change. Those who don't, you were just double blessed :-)
AimeeTaylor83683 AimeeTaylor83683 3 years
She should have questioned it WITH OUT HAVING A PERIOD! Anyone that says getting your tubes tired makes you not have one doesn't know anything. I got my tubes tired in 2007 and I had a period till I had that baby make taken out in 2012, Get the facts correct!
FalseDisposition FalseDisposition 3 years
Guys, she didn't have her period because she got her tubes tied! The only question I have is how did she not feel the baby kicking?
Lorrie14746410 Lorrie14746410 3 years
Some people wonder how women can be so "out of touch" with their bodies that they don't know they're pregnant. The woman in this article is significantly overweight. That might explain how her body was able to hide the "baby bump."
Niki14740834 Niki14740834 3 years
Well to be honest wheather you believe it or not doesn't matter because it happened to me and you can make comments about how there is no way you can know and I had no idea and I was terrified and to add to it an ER doctor didn't know after I was there for 3 hours in pain and him pushing on my stomach and listening because they thought I had a kidney infection the only reason they found out was they ordered an internal ultrasound because they didnt know why I was in so much pain and when they went to do the ultra sound it wouldn't go in so they tried and regular ultra sound and a full sized baby was in there already dropping and trying to come out to the point where they were running me down the hall screaming for an OB hoping the baby wasn't just going to come out right there in the ultrasound room
claudiamarquina claudiamarquina 3 years
I can't believe in surprise births... don't these women miss their periods?
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 3 years
No miracle about it. She was either pregnant when she had the procedure, or she had sex without waiting the recommended amount of time after it for things to heal up.
AmandaPaedae AmandaPaedae 4 years
Congratulations to her! What a blessing!!
JennaNorton JennaNorton 4 years
I just can't believe that women are so out of tune with their bodies that they have no idea they are pregnant. I know there is a whole tv show about it, but I'm sorry a woman's body changes so much when she is pregnant I will never believe that they didn't know.
Niki14740834 Niki14740834 4 years
Well first off let me say its absolutely possible to be pregnant and not know and I know this first hand I'm 23 years old and almost 2 years ago I was taken to the hospital by my boyfriend because we thought I had a kidney infection and came home with a son. I had no signs of pregnancy no weight gain nothing and the Er doctor was pushing on my stomach and listening because he thought I had a kidney infect when in fact I was in labor. It was the craziest and scariest thing I have ever gone through in my life. My son was born at their calculations and beliefs 2 months premature and was in the nicu for 3 weeks. He was born at 5 pounds and had breathing problems but other then that he was a beautiful and healthy little man. It was crazy and I never believed those stories on TV until it was me going through it I had no time for medicine and had to give birth naturally and was terrified at the age of 21 what was going to happen but in the end my son was a miracle to me and my boyfriend and our families he is the best thing to ever happen to us. He may not have come into this world under normal circumstances but he's here and we thank god for him everyday
CoMMember13609780808163 CoMMember13609780808163 4 years
I had the complete opposite happen to me. I took 4 at home test that all said not pregnant. But I knew I was...just the way I was feeling. So I went to my doc who did a pregnancy test and exam and said no, I wasn't pregnant. I remember telling family and friends that the doc was wrong. Months later when she started kicking, I went back and shocked the doc. LOL Congrats on having a healthy baby boy!
Angel14740268 Angel14740268 4 years
congrats on the miracle baby god does great things enjoy that baby
LynnAllen92766 LynnAllen92766 4 years
Some people are better than others at lying with a straight face.
SarahDoolittle SarahDoolittle 4 years
I am glad the baby is okay, since the mother supposedly did not know she was pregnant. BUT, I can not consider that a "miracle baby". A "miracle baby" to me is one that defies the odds by being born 6 weeks early and surviving OR not breathing immediately after birth, but "coming to life" and being extremely healthy. To me, this is just a "missed pregnancy". Though,I have no idea how she did not know she was pregnant after 3 babies. I am pregnant with my 3rd and I knew from week 4, even though I was told by a doctor I could not get pregnant because I was not ovulating. I am almost 3 months pregnant now. I really do not see how she did not know.
Andrea21611 Andrea21611 4 years
I'm sorry, but no matter how many times I have heard this...but how do you not know your are pregnant. I am on my second pregnancy and there is no way. I just can buy that! Both of my pregnancies were entirely different, but trust me you knew that was a baby in there with all the movement and everything else!
LisaHall LisaHall 4 years
She had three children prior to this baby, so clearly it wasn't too difficult for her to get pregnant and if you have that low of a chance of getting pregnant, why bother going through that kind of surgery? It would have been possible that fertilization had already happened by the time she got her tubes tied. She would have been just barely pregnant. Not even detectable yet, so it is possible it happened and then she got her procedure.
LesleyBrey LesleyBrey 4 years
If she got her tubes ties in October, doesn't that mean she was already pregnant before that?
RhondaDockery RhondaDockery 4 years
How sweet. This is the kind of news that binds our country! I am so happy for this Mama and her precious little one! God bless you and your miracle. Ok Hannah, this is a miracle for Ms. Free. Your lack of faith does not need to rain on her parade. Let's learn to be positive and to be happy for the good fortune of others. It might improve your outlook on the miracles of life.
Hannah14738158 Hannah14738158 4 years
that isn't a miracle baby..the docs didn't do their job right the first time when getting your tubes tied ....maybe if the baby flew or made me a sandwhich , or was able to change his own diaper and allow you to sleep at night...That would be a miracle . congrats i guess for having a baby boy.
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