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Mom Uses Public Humiliation To Teach Her Son A Lesson

Mom Uses Public Humiliation To Teach Her Son A Lesson

Indiana mom Dynesha Lax was at her wits' end with her delinquent son, so she took matters into her own hands by publicly humiliating him.

When the court system only gave her son a few hours of community service for his most recent offence, Lax forced him to wear a sign around his neck for two hours on a busy street in Fort Wayne. The sign read, "I Lie I steal I sell drugs I don't follow the law."

Passing motorists were so shocked that they contacted the police, but officers say that Lax was acting within her rights. Lax's perspective is that when your child's life is at stake, you do what it takes: "I'm hoping that having him out here is going to make it sink in. My object is to save my son."


Read the full story here (FOX News)

 Do you think this punishment will help Lax's son get back on the right track?

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IyiolaAdebajo IyiolaAdebajo 5 years
you do what you have to do to show your children that they must suffer the consequences of their actions. you can't judge people for how they parent. if it worked and if the child learned from the experience, then more power to the parent. i pray the best for her and her family. may he grow to be a successful and accomplished man and thank his mother for caring to do what it takes to show him that he must make good choices
SamaraRitter SamaraRitter 5 years
Wow NAN E. You have very disturbed views on life. I'm not saying that you are completely wrong. Obviously there are those homes were the parents don't care and this cases anything from low self-esteem to abuse. I came from a very loving home. My parents and I did have much problems and I was disciplined. I began SCHOOL and that is where the low self-esteem came from. The popular kids (which I'd bet you were one of them that bullied kids like me!) and bullies were relentless. For 8 years I went through hell everyday just to learn! There was nothing that could be done besides getting my parents to move and they couldn't afford that. The school admin itself had the "I'm greater than thou therefore you don't matter" thinking. We did finally move and it was better at the new school but that didn't change what had already happened. The first people and guy that showed interest in me was mine. I eventually started drugs because of him and another who came along later. Don't think "O well you could have said no" because I'm not stupid of course I could have, but at that point I felt like I had nothing to loose. Yes my family was still a good one, but I MYSELF had pulled away from them for various reasons (my dad was dying was the main one). Eventually I got caught (after high school). I did my time and made my own decision not to get back into it. My point is that we can't go around blaming the parents for the child' actions. This is why children are the way they are. They know that they aren't going to get into trouble. The parents will because it's always the parents fault. I'm sorry that just isn't always true. Children make their own decisions and should be held responsible for their actions. I mean from day one. The first time that they do something wrong or against the rules, they have to know that they did something wrong. You have absolutely NO idea what this kid is feeling and what happened in his home. I can't believe that you would go as far as stating definites. You don't know his life story! Get a life Nan E.
RebeccaSchocker RebeccaSchocker 5 years
I love it! I did the same thing with my daughter when she lied to me.
AprilThompson70587 AprilThompson70587 5 years
GO MOM! you have no idea what it is like dealing with an addict until you have a loved one who is one. Hopefully this mom will save her sons life and he will one day look back and love her even more for trying to teach him the right thing. good luck Mom, I pray for you and your son.
pixiedust8 pixiedust8 5 years
I would not take that route, but then again, I don't have a kid who does that stuff, so I might be desperate like this if I did. Obviously, she is acting out of love, not malice, so I hope it works.
ConstancePelley ConstancePelley 5 years
I highly doubt that this will succeed with her son, but it is better than the consequences that I have seen the Juvenile Justice System mete out. The problem with the Juvenile Justice System is that it is so very inconsistent. The kids learn that they will get away with inappropriate behavior and then when they turn 18 and are held accountable, they don't understand why they are thrown into jail. The system stinks and is ineffective. The best help that I received was when I invested in "The Total Transformation" by Dr. James Lehman. He's been there himself and knows what he is talking about. My heart goes out to her and I know from experience how she feels.
ChristinaFlemingLane ChristinaFlemingLane 5 years
I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to make, but go mom! I hope that this is the motivation her son needs to turn it around.
TessieDelRioPatterson TessieDelRioPatterson 5 years
I would've done the SAME thing!!!
jennifereggen jennifereggen 5 years
Way to go! Mom! I got your back! Do what uou have to do!
KathleenRoland691 KathleenRoland691 5 years
To everyone who thinks it's too harsh or won't work, What should she do? Just let him continue doing what he's doing. I want to know what you would do, if you're so sure it won't work. At least she's involved in her son's life unlike many parents. He may have fallen in with the wrong kind of kids and she may have hoped talking to him and the judicial system to help straighten him out. It sounds like this is a last resort before he ends up in prison or dead. I say if a parent is trying to help her/his child let them. Some cold weather is not likely to kill him. If he does get angry she isn't any worse off than she is now!
JaniceEvans88847 JaniceEvans88847 5 years
I am behind the Mom. Do what has to be done to save the child.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janice
MindiHudsonSmith MindiHudsonSmith 5 years
I am clapping for the Mom who isn't afraid of what others think. I couldn't agree with her more and good for her. Maybe if more mothers were like her crime and drugs would go down. GOOD JOB MOM. The drivers who called police get over yourself. Unbelievable to call police on a mom who is doing what it takes to save her son.
SarahFreeman79638 SarahFreeman79638 5 years
Great Mom's will do whatever it takes! Good for her!
shantequartlebaum shantequartlebaum 5 years
I love it! Harsh reality to save your child I would do anything to save my child as well. Good parenting!
CandraSweet CandraSweet 5 years
This punishment is mandated by the courts where I am from for shoplifters. If you shoplift you have to stand outside of the store with a sign for so many hours a week. It's great it's totally cut down on shoplifting around here.
MelissaEllard MelissaEllard 5 years
if the windchill is -25 that is too extreme, but i highly doubt it would be that cold when she was making him stand out there, and she is standing with him! She is standing with him, making sure he is safe, so it's not like she is making him do it alone either. If you look at it she is trying to make sure she is getting him to learn his lesson, she is stuck on what to do so how else is she supposed to teach him. She is trying to keep him out of jail and out of harm, so i think she is trying to take a step in the right direction, in a way good thing the cops were called because at least they know she is trying to go in the right direction and not endangering her child!
ElizabethEspinosa3292 ElizabethEspinosa3292 5 years
Great job at starting to get her son on the right track but almost seems a little too late. Mom should have done something sooner
ChristinaGalarza84973 ChristinaGalarza84973 5 years
The question sb does she also reward and praise him publicly and privately when his behavior is good and on track? If humiliation is our primary means of discipline or just relating to our children they will become despondent. Fear of punishment or degradation seems inevitable no matter how the behave. Otherwise the system would work but we all know it does not. Motivation is essential to change in behavior. Does he have any motivation to change? If not, then you can expect more of the same. Even worse if they actually are not the portrayal of misbehavior that the parent is publicly claiming.
LucyForristall LucyForristall 5 years
I commend this woman! If she believes it will help her son (and she knows him better than anyone) then good for her! It wasn't just her son who was humiliated - do you think it was easy for her to stand there with him? I'll bet not! But we as parents have to do things that are not easy and it's not about us - it's about our children! Congrats to Dynesha!!
KelleyHensyel KelleyHensyel 5 years
This is great! I totally agree! The best parenting skills ever!
BrendaOrtega BrendaOrtega 5 years
What a Bitch it won't work that's my opinion keep up to date w/ what ends up happening to this boy
BarbaraCampbell2905 BarbaraCampbell2905 5 years
I definitely feel that this form of punishment will be more effective than spanking, beatings or Juvy. What did it hurt to have him owning what he did and accepting consequences for it. I used some fairly creative corrective disciplining myself.
AmandaWilkes55762 AmandaWilkes55762 5 years
I understand that many parents will applaud her actions, god knows she must have been at her wits end. But I wonder if it will get him on the right track or just make him angry, resentful and more determined. But I truly hope it works, I probably think that helping him to attain realistic and fulfilling desires and aspirations would be better. He has grown up watch his idols (JayZ, P.Diddy etc) surround themselves in hot women, bling, cars, huge houses etc and it doesn't seem to have come from the hard work and labour that most of us have had to do and not receive such high rewards. Well that's my opinion. Take care guys
SusanBaxter SusanBaxter 5 years
Wow most impressed, finally someone knows what there doing.
LynneKapp LynneKapp 5 years
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