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Mom Uses Public Humiliation to Teach Son Not to Steal

Mom Uses Public Humiliation to Teach Son Not to Steal

A small town in Australia is in an uproar after a mother made her son wear a sign in a public park that read “Do not trust me. I will steal from you as I am a thief.” The mother, who confessed to also stealing when she was younger, said her son has been shoplifting since he was seven years old and simply wanted to teach him a lesson to ensure he doesn't follow in her footsteps.

The ten-year-old boy stood with his head lowered in shame. His punishment rapidly made headlines, simultaneously appalling and inspiring parents around the nation.

Read the whole story.

Do you think this punishment was appropriate?

Image Source: Herald Sun

CoMMember13631171641647 CoMMember13631171641647 6 years
awesome :)
TaraStarr TaraStarr 6 years
My oldest son was 7yrs old when he tried to steal for the first time, and I made sure he was both embarrased And humiliated. Thank goodness I worked in retail because it just so happened that the security guard that cught him was a former co-worker who fully played along with the depths I took to prove to my son, in the store in front of the other shoppers, how wrong his actions were. I called the first store employee who came within site over so my son could not only return the product but also appologise for his actions, we stood in the main aisle by the check outs so everyone could see and my security guard friend pulled out his cuffs and told him how he would have to put him in the cuffs, call the cops, the cops would come down to get him etc. Also how both he and mom would no longer be allowed to shop in that store. He asked him how he was feelin at that moment, if he enjoyed feelin that way, asked him if he thought his mom was feelin about what he did and what was happenin. He was on the verge of tears for the entire ordeal but has NEVER stolen again and I'm sooo thankful that my friend was there to help make that memory one he'll never forget. I feel that if u've done all u can to stop the prob and nothin works than do what u must to get the point accross!
JenniferManley40632 JenniferManley40632 6 years
Sure. Why not?! If it's the only thing that will work....she's not HARMING her child. Just showing him what stealing can lead to.
DaleenDuToit DaleenDuToit 6 years
Repeat offender. Definitely. This humiliation is nothing compared to what he will experience if he has to go to jail one day if this behaviour continues. Obviously this mom was forced to drastic measures after all other options were exhausted.
stephanielylak stephanielylak 6 years
whatever it takes to teach them a lesson. Good on you I really hopes it works
JanineMay88808 JanineMay88808 6 years
I think this mother did what she felt she had to do, and it sounds like she did it out of love for her child. I remember as a child stealing little things from the shop like a lot of kids do, I stopped when my cousin came to pick me up from a shop after I was cought. I looked up to and was so was so embarrassed, I never did it again and it didn't damage me psychologically. I guess you do the best you can to keep your kids on the right track!
HeatherJones32004 HeatherJones32004 6 years
there's other ways to prove to your child that what he or she did that was wrong. Disciplining him this way may not be the right thing to do.
PattyMontazeri PattyMontazeri 6 years
No! The mom has crossed the line to humiliate Him in public. This will only bring his self esteem down and will loose his trust in his mom. She could have taken him to a local jail to give him a tour of what his life could be like if he continues with the stealing.
BronwynnNeumann BronwynnNeumann 6 years
Blame media for shaming him further. For that I feel sorry for him. Good on the mom for trying to stop the cycle.
CariRutland CariRutland 6 years
If it made him stop stealing, then it certainly is appropriate!! She did her community and her son a great service if he stopped. If not then I guess back to the drawing board. What do you think the police would have done to him and do to people when they steal? Better this form of correction then waiting for society to step in and send the kid to jail. Go mom!!
AmyBlackBear AmyBlackBear 6 years
The Son is 10 years old he definitely old enough to know that stealing is WRONG! children are old enough to know this at 5years of age. I see nothing wrong with what the mother did. She did not harm the kid, there are no scars all she did was teach him a lesson in humility which more parents need to do these days, we are parents first friends second, kids need to be taught morals and values.
michellegutierrez57945 michellegutierrez57945 6 years
She is rude! There are other ways of teaching your child a lesson without calling him a thief ! Public humiliation is sick ...
kristamiller67254 kristamiller67254 6 years
I think she did the right thing, I bet he won't ever steal again. One time I threw a coke can out the window into a parking lot, my step mom went and told the owner of the store. He made me clean the entire parking lot, cigarette butts and all for a week, I never threw anything out the window again!
lorapowell lorapowell 6 years
To everyone who thinks this mother went to far, This boy is well on his way to JAIL time if his behavior doesn't stop. You all think he felt bad about public humiliation? How do you think he would feel as a 18 year old stuffed into a cell with a 35 year old violent offender?
LindaHayes86907 LindaHayes86907 6 years
Very sad. We all make mistakes and I'm not sure if this is the best punishment. It attacks his self worth.
NanetDickman NanetDickman 6 years
she should set example earlier in her child's life, mothers should not do this kind of punishment. This is too harsh for a child who will be a teen age soon.
LynnOverend LynnOverend 6 years
How is this wrong? He's been stealing for 3 years. This is not the first time he's done this. She needed to make a point to him, and it's a bit harsh to assume she hasn't tried other methods first. I don't see anything wrong with it. This is a mother that is trying to keep her son from ending up down a path where he could have far worse soiling his reputation, like a criminal record. Good on her for looking out for her son, and shame on those who are so overly critical. I didn't realise there were so many perfect parents and children out there, that sometimes other methods might be needed.
CandaceLouie CandaceLouie 6 years
concidering how much he has done since he was 7, it was her last resort and hopefully it works out for her, she is doing the best she can to be a great mother and she is doing an excellent job i say! doing what she can to make sure her son goes down a good path and not going down the wrong one, he may not like it at the moment but once hes old enough to realise it, i think he will be very thankful his mom did what she can, i think with something that he did for an hour would be really effective
CorrinaThomson CorrinaThomson 6 years
Sometimes the hardest thing as parents is trying to stop your children from heading down the wrong path, something this mother admits that she knows all about. After numerous attempts to talk and educate him, with the help of police chats etc, it obviously was not working so maybe a little embarrassment and shame will help to stop him heading down that path.
NicoleMoyes NicoleMoyes 6 years
Im sorry but to all of you that say that this is appropriate you DO realize that this could lead to a broken self image later in life if she continues punishments like this? Such as agoraphobia/social anxiety/depression.... this is not the way to discipline a child. It's humiliating. He must not be getting enough attention at home or being raised correctly if he thinks he needs to steal, its probably for ATTENTION!!!
JenellMeyers JenellMeyers 6 years
I like it. I would do it too. You would be surprised what some kids between ages 8 and 12 do. When I was 11 I had a classmate get suspended for having marijuana on campus. There should be more punishment like this.
SamanthaLemay SamanthaLemay 6 years
The most valuable thing we can teach our children is consequence. Petty theft doesn't take long to turn into something big. It is HER child to raise as she sees fit. His feelings were hurt? What about hers? What about the shame she felt having to see her son develop into this. Or who would care about his feelings when he's in prison in 8 years? And how many of you judging her on this wouldn't question his raising if he robs your house or business in the fuiture? Many people raisr their children giving them everything they want. Instant gratification is not a part of the real world, but patience and virtue nobody has time for. ?. She took time and paid attention to this issue. she's got other kids to raisr too, and a job I'm sure. She didn't just 'humiliate' him. She showed him that it is worth her time to use any means necessary ti mold him into a good person. Our kids don't have to like us, but we do infact have a job to do.
MonaEnsell MonaEnsell 6 years
I know a 10 year old that steals so much they have kicked him out of school. So now he goes to a behavior school. His mom has tried everything, cops tell her he to young to do anything about. So yeah u have have to think out side of the box. Oh yeah I'm not talking about just from stores or his sisters and brothers he has also brakes in to house to steal!
TammyBoyd16379 TammyBoyd16379 6 years
i am a mom who used to shop life all the time.hats off to you mom to teach him the right thing to do..I would do what EVER it took to make sure my child never followed in my foot steps,,besids be arrested is totaly moe imbarassing
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