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Mom Wrongly Told She Had Miscarried

Mom Wrongly Told She Had Miscarried

Two months into her pregnancy, Chelsea Muff received news that all moms-to-be dread: she had suffered a miscarriage. She was then given the option to either take a tablet that would bring on labor, or wait for the fetus to expel naturally. She chose to wait.

After two weeks of grieving and distress she returned to the hospital for a scan which revealed, to her great surprise, that her baby was alive.

Chelsea's baby is now due in February. She has submitted a formal complaint in the hopes that no one else will have to go through the emotional turmoil she suffered.


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Image Source: Ross Parry via the Telegraph

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AmberWilson53453 AmberWilson53453 4 years
The Same Thing Happened To Me! I discovered I was Pregnant after taking 3 home pregnancy test. A couple days afterwords, I started bleeding. I rushed to Hospital, they done so many test on me even an ultrasound and said that I had a miscarrage. I went home, contacted the OBGYN and he made me an appt, I went to his office he done blood work, my hormone levels had trippled and he said that I was STILL pregnant! A few months after that, my OBGYN called me into his office again, this time stating that my son had a birth defect due to protien level being high, I went to a speacialist 40mi away from my home town, once a month and obgyn once a week, I gave Birth to a HEALTHY baby boy who had NO BIRTH DEFECTS!
CoMMember13613661004003 CoMMember13613661004003 4 years
Wow I feel better to know im not entirely alone on this subject... I was told by nusres who couldn't get a positive test that It was likely i was going through a miscarriage but no one has done an ultrasound on me, I am thinking there are twins and one is miscarrying because I still feel movement all the time and pain... but like i said no one has done an ultrasound on me...
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