All of us at Sugar are attached to our BlackBerrys — they keep us on top of the news, and your comments, day and night. But, as lilsugar mentioned the other day, unplugging from the office is important.

That is why I was struck when a friend, who did not return to work after the birth of her baby, told me that more than half of the women in her mommy group have BlackBerrys. When I asked if they worked part-time and needed to check into the office, she told me that none of them worked, but that they wanted to stay on-top of their emails and Facebook friends. They use the devices to arrange play dates, check-in with dad and text their friends. In short, they have become the must-have accessory on the playground.

While I am sure this was not the intention of the people at RIM, they may have a new clientèle to market their wares to! Do you keep your handheld handy while on mommy watch?