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Mommy Alert! Make Sure Pool Has Proper Drain Covers

Before you take your kids out to take a dip next Spring, check to make sure the (public, private or residential) pool has safe drain covers. Children have been terribly injured, paralyzed and died after the suction of a pool's drain has trapped them underwater. In one incident, it took two adults to pull a young girl from a hot tub. Despite their efforts, she passed away. Though a federal law went into effect in December, not all states are properly enforcing it so parents should take precautions.


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pool-boy pool-boy 8 years
This new law called the virginia grahme baker act applies to ALL pools old, new, public, private. It states that ALL public pools must have new main drain covers installed that conform to new and very strict standards. If a public pool is open without these new drain covers, the manager/ owner of the pool could be charged with a felony. Also, all new private pools being constructed must have main drain covers that conform to this new law. This law came about because of an infant death. One pool builder is in prison as a result of this death.
Stellanz Stellanz 8 years
this happened to me when I was about 13 it saused a 20 cm radius Hematoma in my back the day before my sisters wedding. It took about 4 girls to pull me off.
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
This mostly only applies to older pools. Newer pools have better filtration systems and grates. I would also recommend that parents do not let their child swim with goggles that have nose pieces, such as scuba goggles (I've been a LG for 7 years). Children can become easily disoriented and try to breath in through their nose to take a breath when they cannot. There was an instance our area last year when a child was kicked in the face (accidentally) by another child and vomited while wearing the mask. He sadly died of asphyxiation.
foxie foxie 8 years
All I can think about is that gross story from Chuck Palahniuk about "pearl diving" in swimming pools. So, so gross. And so, so funny.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
Some of our pools will be opening late this spring so they can put in proper drain covers. Which is fine by me to keep kids safe.
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