When I met a woman with a daughter about the same age as my lil girl, we got to talking and realized we lived near each other and swapped numbers.

When it came to the mommy date, I was walking into uncharted territory. To learn more about being a social butterfly,


When I discussed the mommy-dating phenomenon with my friends in the suburbs, they scoffed, having been bombarded by mommy cards.

Companies like vistaprint.com, babyidesign.com, and cardsformoms.com offer countless designs for social mommies on the go.

The cards usually include the mom and offspring's name as well as contact information. On occasion, they also have the husband, pet, or nanny's moniker on them, too.

Moms who have their arms full find them easier to dole out at the playground then searching for a pen and paper or plugging new numbers into cell phones. The cards also come in handy for listing a child's allergy info.

Have you been carded — what do you think about this trend?