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Mommy Dearest: Is It Alright For a Mama-to-Be to Take Flight?

Mommy Dearest,

There are several trips (personal and work-related) that I will need to take, but my husband and I are thinking of starting a family in the very near future. Besides morning sickness in the first trimester and delivering late in pregnancy, would there be any concerns about flying while with child?

— Alright for a Mama To Take Flight

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Alright for a Mama to Take Flight,

The best answer to your question is to check with your OB/GYN once you are pregnant. But as a general guideline, my doctor said it was alright to travel up to 32 weeks if the mama-to-be has an uneventful pregnancy. Many airlines advise that women should not fly one month before their due date. In addition to the risk of flying too close to full term and delivering on the plane, those expecting should walk around every hour to ensure proper circulation and be careful about lifting heavy luggage.

If you're planning a trip while expecting, take a few tips from our in-house traveling pro, babysugar!

— Mommy Dearest

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daisymay81 daisymay81 8 years
I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and will be flying at 21 weeks. I have a high risk OB, regular OB and an endrocronologist that all say that it is safe to fly. I will be drinking lots of water/juice and have plenty of snacks to take along.
mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
Besides walking around every hour and stretching, drink alot of water and of course, bring lots of snacks :). Yes, the water will make you go to the bathroom more, but that will just be a good excuse to get up and walk around. I flew from New York to Fiji while I was pregnant and it wasn't too bad at all, even though it was the longest flight ever. Just be nice to your husband! He will be carrying all of the bags.
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