Mommy Dearest,

My town has a few preschools, but one is extremely competitive and I'd like my son to go there. The problem is, he's my first child, so therefore I don't have the "sibling in" and spaces are few and far between. I know a mom at the playground serves on the school's board and has a lot of clout there. Would it be wrong for me to befriend her just to give my child an advantage? Or is it alright to put my child's best interest first?

— Befriending Parent to Get In Preschool

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Befriending Parent to Get In Preschool,

As a mother, you should put your child's best interests first and teaching him to befriend people with ulterior motives will not benefit him. Instead, you might try the honest approach. Simply introduce yourself and ask if she has any tips on how to get your son enrolled. I bet she'll respond with an appropriate answer.

— Mommy Dearest

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