Mommy Dearest,

Our family was invited to a black tie wedding, which we will attend in a few weeks. Understanding that it's a formal affair, I purchased a long gown to wear and my husband is renting a tuxedo. But, I think the bride's request for even our 2-year-old son to wear a tux is ridiculous despite my offering for him to wear comfortable chinos and a button-up shirt. He's not even in the wedding. Should I tell her that my child isn't going to abide by the required pricey attire in advance or just dress him the way I see fit?

— Black Tie for Tots Is Beyond Reason

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Black Tie For Tots Is Beyond Reason,

While you raise valid points about your son's comfort level and the expense of renting or buying a two-year-old a tux, it's the bride's day and as a guest it's best to abide by her rules. Since you already addressed the issue and she wasn't accepting of your offer to dress your child in slacks and an oxford shirt, your only real option is to outfit him in a tux or not bring him to the festivities. You may also want to consider how kid-friendly this formal affair will actually be or if your youngster would be happier staying home with a sitter.

— Mommy Dearest

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