Mommy Dearest,
I recently received an invitation for a friend's baby shower that had "NO CHILDREN ALLOWED" written in bold at the bottom. As a new mom, it soured my mood. Another mom friend who was also invited agreed it was rude and has decided to boycott the party after hearing that the mom-to-be requested that no kids attend.

Now, I'm in a pickle since I'm nursing my three-month-old son (he refuses the bottle) and the event is an hour away. The expectant mother is a good friend, but I resent her for putting me in this predicament?
—Unhappy Invitee

Unhappy Invitee,
This is a tricky one. Obviously, your obligation is to your infant son so if you need to nurse him that takes precedence. If your friend doesn't understand that now, she certainly will once she has a baby of her own.

As far as children attending baby showers, having grown up in a large family it was a given that my sisters and I attended any impending baby celebrations so I've continued that sentiment as a host. Often the kids are the most enthusiastic guests at the showers. But, in your situation you are not the host so you can either contact them and honestly inquire about the possibility of bringing your son or politely decline the invitation. Either way, you have no reason to feel bad.
—Mommy Dearest