Mommy Dearest,

I've been noticing a little earwax in my 3-month-old daughter's ears. Is it OK to clean it out with a Q-Tip?

— Wax Woes

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Wax Woes,

I know it's tempting to grab a cotton swab and clean out your lil one's ears, but you should avoid the temptation. Inserting something into a child's (or adult's) ear canal could do more harm than good by easily puncturing the eardrum — even if you're super careful. Plus, according to WebMD, earwax is nature's protection for the ear canal, and there's no reason for you to try to get rid of it, especially since you could end up packing it against her eardrum instead of removing it. To clean the outer part of your baby's ears, just use a washcloth moistened with warm water. If you're still worried about buildup, talk to your daughter's pediatrician.

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