Mommy Dearest,

We're about to fly across the country with our sons and I am terrified of the trip. Spending five hours in the air with my kids who are one and three is my worst nightmare. They both have a hard time sitting still and we'd rather not travel, but there's a family reunion we cannot miss. Do you have any advice on how to keep them in their seats?

—Panicked about Plane Ride

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Panicked about Plane Ride,

Funny you should ask — I spent an hour in Target last night finding and testing every contraption I could possibly think of to keep my 19-month-old occupied on a two hour flight we will be taking next week. The way I look at it, it's hard to control an unpredictable tot, but you can try and control their surroundings. I am packing a carry on full of easy access snacks and toys — a mini Magna Doodle, animal crayons and paper, temporary tattoos, a barely lit flashlight, a toy voice recorder, one ounce pots of play-doh, etc. — that he has never seen before. I bought enough goodies so I can rotate them every 10 to 15 minutes on the flight and have a fresh stash of new ones for the plane home. If all else fails, we will pop out our portable DVD player and let him watch a movie. I also purchased the two longest Little Einstein movies I could find, as he loves the show.

Traveling with lil ones can be daunting. Our daughter is easy going so we assumed our lil guy would follow suit. But since he's higher strung, we figure we'll anticipate the worst, hope for the best and whatever happens happens. If he pitches a fit and they deplane us, we'll be mortified, but he'll still be our son and we won't love him any less. So keep this in mind and just try to do the best you can. Happy Trails...

— Mommy Dearest

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