Mommy Dearest,

I am 30 weeks pregnant and a friend asked me what I plan to buy for the doctor and nurses that deliver my baby. I hadn't thought about getting them anything. She bought cigars for the doctor and flowers for the nurses that delivered her babies and said it's customary to give gifts. Is this true?

—To Give or Not to Give

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To Give or Not to Give,

I don't think giving medical professionals presents is customary though you should do what you feel is appropriate. I was induced so several nurses and doctors assisted in the hours leading up to my delivery. I thanked the staff verbally and wrote them a note but didn't as a new mom felt compelled to hit the mall and purchase a slew of presents as we, and our insurance company paid a hefty hospital bill. I do know women who have left the flowers they received for the nurses or presented someone who stood out during their stay with a box of candy. As far as cigars that strikes me as a slightly inappropriate gift to give a health professional but to each their own.

— Mommy Dearest

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