Mommy Dearest,

I've got a baby shower dilemma. My cousin's baby shower is in two weeks and I'm pretty close to her. She's not a picky person, and often shops at second hand stores. I'm getting her a bunch of stuff, but considered going to the second hand store for the cradle she wants. It costs $500 for a new one, but this reputable store has it for $150. I mentioned this to a friend who told me that she felt a second hand gift was very tacky and while it'd be ok to give it to my cousin before or after the shower, it was inappropriate as a shower gift. I know my cousin would appreciate it, and was going to use the cradle as the box for the other gifts. What do you think?

— Shopping at Second Hand Store

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Shopping at Second Hand Store,

It sounds like you know your cousin best and since she already shops at second hand stores, I don't see anything tacky about you buying her the cradle there as long as it's in good structural condition for the baby's safety. The idea of using it as a box for additional goodies sounds like a darling presentation for a generous gift. If your cousin wants a brand new cradle for her child, she can always spring for one herself. Let's let the lilsugar readers weigh in.

— Mommy Dearest

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