Mommy Dearest,
I have three kids — ages two, four and six. I love my husband, but he believes that it's my job to raise the children. He goes to their sporting events and attends parent-teacher conferences, but refuses to babysit if I want a night out with my friends or to go on a solo shopping trip.

The other day, I hired a babysitter so I could go to lunch with a friend. While our neighbor watched the kids, my husband lounged on the couch. We're not well off so I think it's a waste of money to pay someone when he could easily take over the duties. What do you think?

— Wondering Wife

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Wondering Wife,

Fathers don't babysit, they take care of their children. Using the term "babysitting" when referring to a mother or father just seems ridiculous. Being in a tight financial spot and hiring a sitter to supervise while your hubbie lays on the couch also seems nonsensical. Perhaps, you should sit him down and explain that it's 2008 and that is not how things work. Hopefully, he'll get the hint.

— Mommy Dearest

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