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Mommy Dearest: Mother-in-Law Quit Watching Kids

Mommy Dearest,

My mother-in-law offered to watch our son before he was born and provides us with daycare five days a week while my husband and I work.

Yesterday, when my husband went to pick our 2-year-old up, his mother told him we would have to find someone else to watch our son starting this Summer.

She said she is having a hard time keeping up with him and would also like to do some traveling.

My husband doesn't think it's that big of a deal, but I was completely thrown off guard. Not only do we have to find another responsible person to care for our son, but we have to make major financial adjustments to afford the caretaker.

My MIL has a wishy-washy personality so I think I could persuade her to continue watching our child. Only, my husband disagrees and called me ungrateful when I suggested it. Should I ask anyway?

—Daycare Dependent

To hear what Mommy Dearest has to say,


Daycare Dependent,

It is simply not your place to try and guilt your mother-in-law into watching your son. Since she has spent the past two years taking care of your child, the best thing you can do is thank her for her time and wish her well when she travels.

And, being that she cited having trouble keeping up with your tot, it doesn't sound like it would be in either of their best interests to continue with the current situation.

Regardless of your financial situation, your MIL has no obligation to babysit your child.

— Mommy Dearest.

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