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We're finding out the gender of our baby in two weeks. If it's a girl, we're naming her after the woman who set us up on the blind date where we met. My husband and I disagree on the protocol of how we should tell her. I think we should ask our friend's permission first, but my husband thinks we should name our baby and let our friend figure out that she's the namesake after. What is the etiquette for naming someone after a friend or family member?

Appropriate Way to Bestow a Name?

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Appropriate Way to Bestow a Name,

Congratulations on your baby-to-be! I agree with your plan of asking or informing your friend before the baby is born. I think it's an honor that most people find incredibly flattering, but talking to her first eliminates any awkwardness that might occur if she were put on the spot after your bundle of joy arrives. Since you didn't mention the name, I'm assuming it's not a very common one. If it is something like Sarah or Katie, you probably don't need to consult her.

— Mommy Dearest

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