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I'm a stay-at-home mom with a part time nanny that helps out when I need to run errands, work out, lunch with friends or take a night out with my husband. She watches our two sons, ages 5 and 7, for $20 an hour. My best friend and I usually go to the gym together so she drops her six year old off at my house and the children play while we are away. He's well behaved and they get along great. My nanny always welcomes him, but told me yesterday that a playdate is one thing and my friend dropping her child off on a daily basis is another. She is willing to watch him, but expects to be compensated for it. I was taken back because we've had this arrangement for about a year and she never seemed to mind. Is it fair for her to ask for more money now?

— Should Nanny Get Compensated

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Should Nanny Get Compensated,

When you hired your babysitter it was with the understanding that she'd be tending to two children and that is how you negotiated an hourly rate. While a playdate is one thing, adding another child for her to care on a daily or frequent basis is quite another. In my opinion, it was very generous of her to watch him for free for this long. While it sounds like she is fond of the kids, you need to remember that this is her livelihood. Sit down with your nanny and your friend and come up with a new rate for the occasions when the little boy comes over. If your friend is not willing to pay, she should find another caretaker for her child.

— Mommy Dearest

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