Mommy Dearest,

My sister-in-law just called and both she and her three-year-old daughter have lice. My niece got it at daycare and passed it on to her mom, which is understandable. But, I'm hosting a family playdate on Wednesday for all the cousins (about 15 kids total) at my house and don't think either of them should come as it could get easily passed along to the rest of us. Is it out of line to uninvite them?

— Scratching My head Over What To Do

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Scratching My Head Over What To Do,

I think it is completely appropriate to ask your sister-in-law to sit this playdate out as long as you do so in a polite manner. Simply call and explain that as the host, you'd prefer they stay home since lice can be easily transmitted between small children. If she doesn't understand, explain that it's similar to if her child had something contagious like the flu. She wouldn't bring her tot around all the other cousins if she was sick so this situation should be handled the same way.

— Mommy Dearest

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