Mommy Dearest,

My family of five creates mountains of laundry. As soon as I finish getting a few loads folded, there's a pile of dirty clothes waiting to be laundered.

Any tips on how I can get ahead?

— Overloaded By Laundry

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Overloaded By Laundry,

I have the same problem. Our family of four also has an endless stream of washables. And, considering that at times I have three or four loads waiting to be folded, I haven't found the answer.

But I recently heard wonder woman Kate Gosselin talk about her trick on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

The mother of eight has laundry baskets for different groups — one for the little boys, one for the little girls, one for the twins and another for the parents.

That way once a wash load comes out of the dryer, it doesn't need to be sorted before it is folded and returned to the bedroom it came from.

As someone who spends a good deal of time sorting, I think investing in a wash bin for each member of my family seems like a logical way to eliminate that portion of the task. Perhaps, you'll try it too.

— Mommy Dearest

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