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Mommy Dearest: Rude to Tell That You Returned Gift?

Mommy Dearest,

I sent my godson a scooter for his birthday and just received a thank-you note saying that he returned the present because he preferred something else. I don't mind that he exchanged the gift since I just guessed that the ride on was something a nine-year-old would like, but I thought mentioning it in the note was rather rude. We live in different states and I never would have known had he not told me. Am I right?

— Didn't Need to Know About Returned Gift

To see the response from Mommy Dearest,


Didn't Need to Know About Returned Gift,

I think the sole purpose of a thank-you note is to acknowledge a gift that has been given and show appreciation for the kind gesture. Mentioning a gift was returned or exchanged for whatever reason is not necessary unless the giver inquires about it.

— Mommy Dearest

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