Mommy Dearest,

I don't like giving my three and four-year-old daughters candy. We've never gone trick-or-treating for this reason. But, this year all the families in our cul-de-sac are throwing an outdoor party since the holiday lands on a Friday. There will be food, games, face painting and to my chagrin, each house will be handing out candy. My husband is all for the festivities and thinks I'm taking the fun out of everything. Should I let my girls trick-or-treat and confiscate the candy or not allow them to participate at all?

— Say No to Candy

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Say No to Candy,

Children get to be carefree for such a short time and many of the best memories come from holiday festivities — trick-or-treating, putting carrots out for the Easter bunny and making valentines — why rob your daughters of one of childhood's simplest pleasures? I agree with your husband, the point of collecting candy on Halloween is to be able to indulge in a piece or two. Perhaps you could make an exception this once so your daughters can participate in what sounds like a fun and age appropriate event. That's my opinion, but let's let the lilsugar readers chime in.

— Mommy Dearest

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