Think about all of the places a pacifier falls and what we do to clean them before giving them back to our babes. Now entertain all of the germs that those suckers gather and you may be running out the door to buy the Pipila ($30), the portable pacifier sanitizer that uses UV and ozone rays to kill 99.9 percent of germs.

Introduced in Australia and about to hit the U.S., the Pipila accommodates most pacifier shapes and does not distort the nipple in its cleansing process. The unit functions on two AA batteries and is lightweight enough to carry on outings with your lil one. The one downfall seems to be that it takes five minutes to fully sterilize a binky, and as anyone with a screaming infant knows, five minutes is a lifetime! It may be wise to simply take a second sucker with you, so you can pop a it in junior's mouth while the first one is cleansing.