As I continue my journey to the land of the diaper-free child, I was struck by a story about the "Baby Whisperer" on The Today Show earlier this week.

Wendy Sweeney, a registered nurse and mother of six, created a one-day potty training program called Booty Camp. Based on Nathan H. Azrin’s book Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, her program goes on the belief that the tot is ultimately responsible for potty training, and must clean up after herself if there is an accident. According to Sweeney, if you ask the child if she has to go to the bathroom, you are in charge of her body, and that is a big no, no.

To read about how the program works, and how much it costs,


To ensure that the trainees have to go to the bathroom frequently during the session, Sweeney loads them up with salty snacks and sugary drinks. This keeps kids thirsty and drinking more while preventing constipation, which often occurs in nervous children. She then instructs them, in a firm, but gentle manner, to listen to their bodies and if they need to go, to walk over the potty. While it sounds too good to be true, Al Roker endorsed the program, saying he took his son to her and it worked in a day!

The Booty Camp, which takes children beginning at age 2½ and costs $250, requires parents to dedicate three additional days to reinforcing their philosophies and also includes two weeks of post-session consultation from Sweeney.