Check the language on any package of disposable diapers and you're sure to see some boast about the nappy's absorbency. All diaper manufacturers love to discuss how much their products can hold, and it seems that moms are tuning in to their claims.

Every time my own mother or MIL come to visit, the first thing they want to do is change my tot's diaper. They love to tell me how they are amazed by the efficiency of today's disposable diapers compared to the versions they used. So I found a recent report in Consumer Reports about a decline in diaper sales rather interesting.

They linked the decline in nappy sales and a rise in diaper cream sales to the fact that mamas are changing their lil ones' soiled nappies less frequently than before, ultimately leading to more diaper rashes. There's no telling if it is the bad economy that is pushing moms to hold off on the changes or if it is the better absorbency of the diapers, but it is an interesting correlation. What do you think?