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Moms Don't Have Time For Eating Disorders

Moms Don't Have Time For Eating Disorders

Before baby, women have time to worship the treadmill and fret over extra flab.

But once they enter motherhood, many find that their shoes are their treads and they're lucky if they have time to sit down for dinner with their kids, let alone count calories.

A recent study followed the behavioral changes of 1,206 childless women turned mommies for six years. To see the findings,


A Reuters report said:

Women have fewer eating problems after having children compared with their peers who remain childless, largely because they stop drinking as much and behave less impulsively, according to new findings from Norway.

Perhaps the change is also spurred by mothers consciously trying not to pass their eating issues onto their children.

Did motherhood alter your eating habits?


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XSofieX XSofieX 9 years
yeah I agree, there's a major difference btw an ED and disordered eating which, lets face it, most women suffer from to some extent. An actual eating disorder is not situational, it doesn't "care" about not having time for "it", it will just make you exercise at night or restrict even more. And really, its not something that you can forget "to do", its like re-inventing who you are at the core
phatE phatE 9 years
there is a big issue between a full blown eating disorder and dsyfunctional eating patterns.. those who "don't have time" most likely weren't clinically anorexic/bulimic. i personally would love for that statistic to be true, and I am glad that in general, women take towards better eating patterns, but I think the actual cases of diagnosed (aka meet the criteria under the DSM) are consistent..
jessie jessie 9 years
yep, i got fat nibbling the leftovers of my kid's plates. didn't want to waste food!! i'm paying the price now..
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Kristinh1012 Kristinh1012 9 years
Maybe I'm nuts. I have two daughters, one 8 and one is going to be 2 in 2 weeks. I don't think motherhood has changed anything about my eating or normal habits at all. I eat mostly healthy and so do they. I get on my treadmill every day and find time to squeeze in about another 20 minutes of exercising about 3 days a week Every single night we sit down and eat dinner as a family. So no it hasn't changed. Also we have friends/family over for dinner every weekend and I do have a few drinks mostly after the kids have been bathed and put to bed. Also I clean all the time. Especially on Saturday mornings. We get up early I turn on the music nice and loud like they like it and we dance around the house singing together and cleaning.
stina829 stina829 9 years
I get it too. I don't have TIME to do anything else. I try to eat a decent size lunch while I'm at work because most likely I won't finish my dinner! :) And - I definitely agree with the drinking thing - I used to be a drinker, at least once a week, usually twice. But now - I haven't had a drink (or a smoke) in almost a year and a half. Wow.
Anne-Carr Anne-Carr 9 years
I actually get it. I feel less self obsessed, and focus more on my little girl. Everything is about her!
Ericka Ericka 9 years
making time for the treadmill is a disorder?
Bookish Bookish 9 years
The two women I knew who had bulimia before pregnancy, are still bulimic now that their kids are toddlers. I don't think motherhood is naturally or necessarily a cure for deeper emotional issues.
gothfaerie gothfaerie 9 years
I had coffee, mini-wheats, pie, and top ramen to eat today. How is that not eating in a disorderly fashion?
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