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Moms Find Comfort in a Mother's Group

Did You Find Solace in a Mom's Group?

As children, many girls dream of having babies at the same time as their best friend. While it's a nice concept, it rarely works out so perfectly. Geography, age, significant others, and life get in the way making it more common for women to enter motherhood at different times. In hopes of finding someone who understands their circumstances, many ladies turn to mothers' groups where conversations of breastfeeding, swaddling, and crawling are common, informative, and often fascinating. Through these meetings, women tend to form long-lasting bonds and their children become as close as siblings. However, they're not every mum's cup of tea.

I, for instance, tried to join a group but was only one of two to show up and even then, the other lady didn't speak English and lived across town. Luckily, I was fortunate to have many friends having babies at the same time and didn't need a secondary resource. A friend of mine recently laughed her way out of a session and was asked not to return. I think she may have been booted for fitting into her snug white prepregnancy jeans just a tad too soon for their liking.

Did you find solace in a mom's group?

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