If there's one thing that working moms and stay-at-home mothers have in common, it's that ubiquitous feeling of guilt. For working mamas it's often the guilt of missing a school function or having to take a business trip, while stay-at-home moms frequently say they often feel guilty for not putting their education and previous career experience to work.

While we may beat ourselves up for not being the first one in the pick-up line or not reading that extra chapter at bedtime, there's one category we all tend to feel the most guilty about: the cleanliness of our homes!

According to a new survey by the Working Mother Research Institute and Ernst & Young, the number one thing working moms feel the most judged about is how they keep their homes, while it was the second most frequently cited response by stay-at-home moms (the first being their contribution to the family's finances). Sixty-eight percent of LilSugar readers told us that the one professional they wish they could hire for themselves is a housekeeper, and now we can see why!

Is your home's cleanliness something that you feel judged about as a mother?