Every day around 2 p.m., I feel a desperate need to drink a Coca–Cola. I don't crave the taste as much as I desire the boost in energy it will provide. Even 20 months after giving birth to my first child, my body does not jump out of bed at 6 a.m. ready to take on the day. When reading a book to her before nap time, I often find that I am the one nodding off. This is not uncommon for moms.

The National Sleep Foundation found that more moms are caffeinating themselves to make it through the day. Energy drinks, sodas and coffee are all part of a busy mama's day as she carpools, cooks, cleans and takes care of other duties.

To see what the National Sleep Foundation discovered,


The NSF study found:

More than 65 percent of moms drink caffeinated beverages to get through their day.

Fast food stores like McDonald's are taking advantage of the caffeine hungry audience. The golden arches beat analysts' estimates by increasing latest quarterly profits, which are partially attributed to the rise in coffee sales. Looks like mommies may be loading up on their lattes when ordering a happy meal for junior. When baby number two joins my family, I have a feeling I'll be upping my caffeine intake, too!